Spoken Lebanese Arabic Phrasebook

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Hey all,

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As most of you know I have published my Lebanese Arabic Phrasebook vol. 1 as a Kindle ebook and it is now also available as a print version.

The book is based on all my video lessons. It contains transcriptions of all the videos, and translations of the English sentences into Lebanese (using both Latin and Arabic alphabets).
There is also, next to each sentence, a reference to the video where that phrase is taught. That way you could hear it out loud, and could practice until you master the pronunciation.
The book is divided into chapters in a way that is useful for anyone who’s trying to learn Lebanese Arabic, or who is travelling to Lebanon and wants to use the book as travelling phrasebook.
Also the last section of the book contains exercises and puzzles that help you perfect your newly acquired sentences.

Anyone who frequently uses Amazon must know the Top 100 and Hall of Fame reviewer Grady Harp. I will quote his 5 star review of the book:

“…Teacher and author Hiba Najem has been teaching Lebanese Arabic online since 2011 and she understands the apprehension non-Arabic speakers have in adapting to not only a new language but also a new `alphabet’ – she minimizes the transition form English to Lebanese Arabic in a course that is not only instructive but also fun!…

…This is a very fine introduction to speaking Arabic through the every wise use of Practical sentences, videos, puzzles and quizzes.” – Grady Harp, Top 100 Reviewer, Hall of Fame, Amazon

You could check out the book on its Amazon page below, and you could also check out the Videos where I talk about the book, if you want to learn more about it:

Lebanese Arabic Phrasebook Vol. 1: An effective way to learn Lebanese through practical sentences, puzzles and videos (Lebanese Arabic Phrasebooks) (Volume 1)

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