December 30, 2015

Support Us

Hello everyone,

This video is for announcing that we are now on Patreon.

For those of you who don’t know what Patreon is, I explain it in the video, and if you would like to know more about it, you could check out the video below:

As I say in the video, all support is greatly appreciated, and you will help us in keeping this channel going, and in make better videos, with better sound and lighting and subtitles and etc.

You will also be helping us start the Traditional Lebanese Food channel, where we will be going around Lebanon to learn traditional Lebanese recipes from the locals.

You could check out all the rewards you will be receiving according to the amount you pledge:

And again, all support is appreciated, and I remind you that my videos and channel will ALWAYS REMAIN FREE.
This campaign is just to help us keep it going and make it better.

14 thoughts to “Support Us”

    1. +KJ EB no worries at all! your subscription and comments are very

  1. Hi Hiba,

    I teach basic arabic in LATAM, where many of my students as myself are from
    lebanese origin families. One question that I can’t answer clearly is why
    many people use the letters E and O in transliteration if they have no
    equivalent in arabic language: not in fat7a, damma, kasra, alif, ya nor
    waw, because these correspond to A, I, U in their long or short form
    respectively. So I try always to teach using only A, I and U letters but
    people get tired dealing with those who yes, write the E and O.

    So my question is the following, how do you know what to write with arabic
    alphabet whenever words are written with E or O?

    I just try to learn my students arabic vowels have inflexions like english
    but there’s no more than A, I, U.

    Thanks in advance for your, response.


  2. Hiba, no problem and thanks. I do not always have time to watch your
    channel but when I need a refresher I like to learn from you. You make it
    very simple and easy. I would love to help anyway I can.

    1. +Paul Khoshaba No Paul, my channel is still the same and it’s free…
      Patreon is just a platform for the people who would like to donate

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