week days in arabic

– monday:   tanen:   تنين

– tuesday:   taleta:    تلاتا

-wednesday:   orbaa:    أربعا

-thursday:   khamis:    خميس

-friday:   jemaa:     جمعة

-saturday:   sabeit:    سبت

-sunday:   ahad:    أحد


week:   jem3a:   جمعة

– month: chaher:   شهر

-year: sene:    سنة

EDIT: You could watch my video about weekdays

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9 thoughts on “week days in arabic”

  1. hello there, and thanks for writing to me.. MSA means modern standard Arabic and also FOSHA. your teta wants you to learn fosha. if you want to work in Lebanon in any official department, yes you will have to learn fosha because it's the official writing language.. so it depends on you choice of work.. for sure with you Lebanese dialect (and you talk very good Lebanese)you can work the "casual" work.. it depends on the people you are working with..
    the first link you sent me didnt open but i checked the second and yes it's fosha that you could learn from them..
    i teach Lebanese that is useful in everyday life, expect the official writing part where you have to write in fosha..

    did i help you? don't hesitate if you have more questions.. 🙂
    tell me what do you want to work and i'll try to help you more

  2. hey!! 3ande su2el teni l-yom, ana sma3t 3an FSA (formal spoken arabic), ma fhemt ktir mni7. bil kiteb maktub: MSA is very unatural so it's better to learn the FSA.
    Ra7 a3tik el link, please, nezli hal-ktab w shufi iza fie et3allam hal-lugha 7atta eshtaghil bi sherket 3arabie.


    bes fi mushkile teni, ana le2et wedsite gheir ma3 ktir videos bil FSA, bess lemma nzelt el videos w sheftun, ba3te2ed inno el 3arabi kenet el FUS7A, ana mish mit2akkid, ra7 a3tik el link:


    Ba3ref inno hon, bil link maktub: MSA, bess lemma tefta7i el website ra7 tshufi Formal Spoken Arabic, please, tse3adini.

    Merci encore une fois!

  3. w ebl ma ensa, 3ande su2el, su2eli 3an el fus7a, lezim et3allama aw mish daruri? ya3ni, kill shi enno shuf bil tv, esma3 (musiqa), lemma be7ki ma3 7ai allah 7ada bil internet, ana esta3mel deyman lahja lubnanie, aw surie lemma shuf shi musalsel min honik, ya3ni, ma esta3mel aw esma3 el fus7a abadan, bess sette (imm la beie) deiman t2oulli inno lezim et3allam el fus7a iza beddi estaghil bi shi sherket 3arabie aw iza beddi estaghil bil l-3alam 3arabi. ma ba3ref shu a3mol, 3anjad, please, jawbini. Shu rai2ik, shu lezim ba3mol? Lezim et3allam el fus7a aw fie e7ki lahja lubnanie bess? ahhhh, w fie efham shuei masrie w khalijie kamen. Shu rai2ik?! please, tse3adini!!!!!!!!

    Merci! Bye! 😉

  4. mar7aba!! kifik!!!
    le2et l-yom youtube channel taba3ek w kent ktir mabsut, ya3ni, 3ayle la beie min lebnen w mishan hek ba3ref e7ki shuei, bes akid ma e7ki hal lugha bi tala2a, bess beddi ktir et3allama bi tala2a w videos taba3ek sa3aduni bi ktir, 3anjad, merci ktir!!! Please, dalli 3amle aktar videos!!!

    Merci ktir!!

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