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You Are Here:week days in arabic

– monday:   tanen:   تنين

– tuesday:   taleta:    تلاتا

-wednesday:   orbaa:    أربعا

-thursday:   khamis:    خميس

-friday:   jemaa:     جمعة

-saturday:   sabeit:    سبت

-sunday:   ahad:    أحد


week:   jem3a:   جمعة

– month: chaher:   شهر

-year: sene:    سنة

EDIT: You could watch my video about weekdays

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9 thoughts to “week days in arabic”

  1. well i think the best think to do to improve your arabic language is to come and live for a little time here.. watching tv shows and listening to music is great, there is book on my blog (Lebanese dialect) that you can buy it will help you.. if your work will be around petrol i think you're not gonna work in Lebanon? anyway let me tell you if any Lebanese person will go to work in the gulf countries he will use his Lebanese accent with a lot of English! because your Lebanese is good improve it, i think it's better from starting with from 0 with fusha…

    p.s: i can't hide from you that if you know fusha also it will be a plus for you and with your work there they will surely appreciate it..
    so good luck! but be sure that your Lebanese will help you a lot in every arab country you go to.. 🙂

  2. Hey!!! Akid, sa3adtini b ktir!!!!

    I'm studying petrol eng. at university and is fus7a too hard to learn, if you speak good lebanese? Let me try to explain you me level in lebanese, it's been 18 years that I've been using lebanese with my fathers family, BUT, i just use with them, i don't understand 100% out of my family (when I watch tv, for example) cause I never lived there, so I didn't get more vocab, but I'm always watching some lebanese tv shows, one of my favorite is 3ayle 3a fered meyleh, it's pretty funny though 😛
    So let's say i'm in an intermediate level, cause I just understand 70% of lebanese.
    What do you think I should do to improve my lebanese?

    And if I go to any arabic country, i'll work with petrol, so, do you think I really have to learn fus7a?

    I know some fus7a, maybe 5% just the basics.

    Thank you very much, you are very kind!!! ^^

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