Lebanese Lessons

Compare the 3 types of Lebanese lessons that we offer.

Prepared Lessons

  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • For all levels
  • Structured Course
  • Study Sheets
  • Exercise & Practice Sheets

For 1 Lesson

For 8 Lessons

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Conversational Lessons

  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Only for Advanced and Intermediate Students
  • Practice Session

For 1 Lesson

For 8 Lessons

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Group Lessons

  • Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes
  • Maximum of 5 Students per Group
  • 6-Week Course
  • 2 Lessons per Week

12 Lessons
6-Week Course

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We offer 3 types of Lebanese lessons (only for the Lebanese dialect and not classical Arabic):

Prepared Lebanese Lessons

Prepared lessons are perfect to start with. They contain everything you need to study the dialect: full material covering vocabulary, texts, dialogues, general and specific Lebanese expressions, grammar, and lots of conjugation. We start from the beginning and progress together.

In our prepared lessons, you will receive study sheets and we will practice them together. The study sheets are academic, featuring conjugation, vocabulary, grammar, etc. We will send you exercise sheets and practice sheets as well.

Conversational Lebanese Lessons 

Conversational lessons are oral practice for people who already know the basics and the grammatical structure of the language. Only for Advanced and Intermediate Students

In our conversational lessons, we choose a topic and talk about it in Lebanese. You will practice talking, listening, and understanding the dialect. We will put ourselves in different situations and create different dialogues. No prepared lessons or prepared sheets are sent. You take notes—if you choose to, of course—as we go along in our conversation.

Group Lebanese Lessons

  • Beginners 1:

Learn how to introduce yourself, present simple continuous and future tense, colors, numbers, clock, weather, ask questions, AND MORE!

Whether you have 0 or only a bit of knowledge about the Lebanese dialect, or maybe you used to but with time you forgot, I suggest meeting twice a week to start with the basics of the dialect in order to formulate simple sentences, be familiar with the conjugation (present, past, and future), ask questions and start understanding the structure of the Arabic language. 

  • Beginners 2:

Learn the past, present, and future, family members, give directions, job-related vocabulary, AND MORE! 

  • Intermediate:

If you are already able to understand 40 to 60% of Lebanese, you get the question when you are asked and can formulate an answer, you make some mistakes in the conjugation, but would like to answer more spontaneously, here’s the course for you. We will work on correcting your mistakes, enriching your vocabulary, and increasing your confidence in your Lebanese. 

  • Advanced:

At this level, Lebanese is like your second language. You can write essays and discuss all kinds of topics in Lebanese. You only need to practice so you get more familiar with the dialect. Although you are advanced I expect you to make some mistakes, don’t we all?

Good to know about Group Lessons: 

  • Group lessons will run for 3 to 5 students. All lessons are given on Skype.
  • All group classes take up to 6 weeks. The current prices apply to the first edition of the group classes.

*We do not offer trial lessons. Thank you for understanding!

Courses can be given in French too!

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