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Last Updated: October 3, 2023

Welcome to Lebanese Arabic with Hiba! We’re delighted to have you as a student and look forward to embarking on this language-learning journey with you. Before we get started, please take a moment to read and understand the following terms and conditions that govern your lessons with us.

General Information About the Lessons:

  • Lesson Format: All lessons conducted by Lebanese Arabic with Hiba take place via Skype.
  • Lesson Duration: One-on-one lessons are scheduled for 1 hour, while group lessons are scheduled for 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Lesson Materials: If you choose the “prepared” lessons, you will receive learning materials in advance. For “conversational” lessons, no specific materials are provided, but topics and homework may be discussed and assigned during the lesson.
  • Instructors: Lebanese Arabic with Hiba currently has three instructors, Mireille, Fatima and Adon. Depending on your availability and theirs, one of them will be assigned to your lessons.
  • Self-Study: We encourage all students to engage in self-study and practice outside of the scheduled lessons. Consistent practice is essential for language learning success.
  • Progress: The speed of language learning progress varies from student to student. However, most students notice tangible improvements after a few lessons.
  • Pricing: To view the pricing details for our lessons, please visit the following link: Lebanese Arabic with Hiba Pricing

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Respect and Inclusivity: Racism, sexism, homophobia, or any form of discrimination are strictly prohibited in our classes. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and beliefs.
  • Group Lesson Etiquette: For students in group lessons, please respect your fellow classmates. In the event of any issues or concerns, kindly bring them to the attention of the instructors.
  • Lesson Package Agreement: When a student purchases a package of 8 lessons, they agree to complete these lessons within 8 weeks of purchase, regardless of the lesson frequency (e.g., one lesson per week or two lessons per week). If a student cancels or misses a scheduled lesson, it will not be counted against them as long as they notify the teacher 24 hours beforehand, and they may reschedule it within the 8-week period.
  • Rescheduling Policy: Both students and instructors may request to reschedule a lesson by notifying the other party at least 48 hours before the original scheduled class. Rescheduling will occur if both parties agree on the new schedule. If a student initiates a reschedule and the instructor cannot accommodate it, the class will not be counted against the student, and they may reschedule it within the 8-week period. If an instructor initiates a reschedule and the student cannot accommodate it, the instructor must conduct the lesson at the original time or offer a makeup lesson if they had to skip the original class.
  • Payment: Payment for lessons is required at least 48 hours before the scheduled lesson time to secure your spot.
  • Lesson Punctuality: Lessons will start promptly at the scheduled time. Instructors will wait up to 15 minutes for students to join. If a student does not attend the lesson within this timeframe, it will be considered forfeited, and the class will be deducted from the remaining classes. Similarly, if the instructor is 15 minutes late or more, they are required to offer the student a free makeup lesson.
  • Technical Considerations: Our instructors work from Beirut, and while we make every effort to maintain a stable internet connection and power supply, technical issues can occasionally arise. We have backup plans in place to minimize disruptions during lessons.
  • Refund Policy: Please note that once lessons are purchased, we do not offer refunds.

By engaging in lessons with Lebanese Arabic with Hiba, you agree to adhere to these terms and conditions. We believe that these rules create a positive and productive learning environment for all students. If you have any questions or require clarification on any of these terms, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for choosing Lebanese Arabic with Hiba. We are excited to embark on this language-learning journey with you!

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