I Love You in Lebanese & other Romantic words

I’m sure many of you are wondering how to say I love you, I miss you and other romantic phrase in the Lebanese dialect. If you go out with, or your spouse is, someone of Lebanese descent, these sentences will come in handy. I’m sure they would enjoy hearing them from you in their own dialect.

Below are 9 common Lebanese love phrases, and you could also watch the video below for more words and sentences about Love.

Lebanese Love Phrases

I miss youchta’telak (for man)/ chta’telik (for woman)
You are very beautifulenteh ktir Helweh (for woman)
You are very handsomeenta ktir Helo (for man)
You have beautiful eyesaayounak helwin (for man)/ aayounik helwin (for woman)
Kiss mebousneh (for man)/ bousineh (for woman)
I love youbhebak (for man)/ bhebik (for woman)
I will always love youbhebak aatoul (for man)/ bhebik aatoul (for woman)
I am thinking of youaam fakker fik (for man)/ aam fakker fike (for woman)
My loveHabibeh (for man)/ Habibteh (for woman)

 Check out my Lebanese Valentine lesson below then check out the 2nd Valentine video here.
Hiiba with love! enjoy 🙂

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4 thoughts on “I Love You in Lebanese & other Romantic words”

  1. Hello Kiki… Well there's no real difference in pronunciation between the two. As for the spelling, in Fusha the two words are different, they are not the same, therefor the spleeing is different, but when spelling them in Lebanese (which is a dialect, and is therefore not written) you could write them the same way.

  2. Shukran, ya, Hiba. 🙂 Fi difference bayn "3id," mitl "3id l 7ob," w "3id," mitl, "sma3 w 3id"? Shklo fi z8ir difference in pronunciation bas kent baddi as2lik 3an hey. Masalan, fi difference in the spelling bil 3arabi? Yslamo. 🙂

  3. Mar7aba ya Hiiba!
    I just wanted to say Shukran for all ur effort and help. Ive been learning lebanese/Palestinian arabic for a while and Ive watched some of ur videos on Youtube. Only today I found out u had a blog too, and thats awesome! Ktir 7eloo!]
    Thanx again and keep up with the good job.
    Greetings from Colombia!

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