Summer Lebanese words

  • it’s hot: fi chob
  • it’s really hot: fi ktir chob
  • i am warm: ana mchawwab (for man)/ ana mchawbeh (for women)
  • i am too warm: ana ktir mchawwab (for man)/ ana ktir mchawbeh (for woman)
  • i want to take a shower: baddeh ethamam
  • i want cold water: baddeh mayy msa’aa
  • take me to the beach: khedneh aal baher (for man)/ khedineh aal baher (for woman)

N.B: today’s temperature in Beirut is 32 degrees at midday.

Watch the lesson on the Lebanese weather and climate.

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  1. I just started watching your Lebanese Arabic lessons on youtube, good work! Going to Lebanon in September, can't wait! Seeing Dead Can Dance play in Zouk hopefully.

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