September 17, 2009

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If you want to ask about anything related to our Lebanese Skype lessons, please click here.

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2 thoughts to “Contact Us”

  1. Marhaba Hiba!

    I am Jihad Gherzeddine. I would like to have some arabic lessons with you in the future. I am Lebanese but Australian born. I would love for you to tutor me Arabic in the future.

    I am currently in Lebanon, but I must return to graduate University in Australia.

    My intention is to come back mid year to study Arabic in Lebanon. I would like your advice as to how I can quickly learn arabic, if not get a certification in the Arabic language. Is there a recognised course that i can take in combination with your lessons that will accelerate my learning?

    What I would appreciate for you to teach me is the Arabic of Lebanese themselves. For example the differences between those who speak in the Jabal (ras el matin or my day3a) vs Beirut style. Since my family is from the day3a and we are Druze, I believe we emphasise certain letters more like Kaf and what not. This is what I need to learn and practice.

    Please let me know if contacting me through WhatsApp is easier. My number is +61411673722 (Australian Number). I would give you my lebanese number, but I will be leaving soon and I am afraid it would deactivate.

    Shukran ektir,

    Also PS: I watch your tutorials a lot on YT; in the past and currently. Keep it up and know alot of people around the world appreciate such tutorials.

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