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Lebanese Arabic with Hiba

Experience Lebanese Arabic in a Fun and Engaging Way

Our Story

Back in 2010, I had a beer at Dany’s bar in Hamra and met a group of enthusiastic Italian colleagues who had moved to Beirut for work. As we drank and laughed, they shared their disappointment with me: after studying classical-formal Arabic for years, they discovered they couldn’t really use it in everyday conversation.

Lebanese people mostly use the local dialect, not formal Arabic. This is when the idea of teaching Lebanese Arabic struck me. I made the first YouTube video with the help of my friend Naim, who was able to handle video editing and more. We started recording videos and shared them with friends, initially as a joke. But that joke turned into almost a full-time occupation, thanks to the Italian group of friends! After teaching on YouTube for years with over 18,000 subscribers, the channel grew. Naim and I decided to expand it to offer online lessons.

A group class from Lebanese Arabic with Hiba, showing Hiba with three students sitting around a table, with a laptop and notebooks and coffee and cake

Since then, we’ve been joined by many teachers who offer prepared lessons and conversational ones, both in groups and one-on-one. During this journey, we’ve met wonderful students, some of whom we’ve even visited in person. Some of our students have become real friends and continued to support us. We’ve also published two books, the “Lebanese Arabic Phrasebook” volumes 1 and 2, and I’ve had the opportunity to teach live in some of Beirut’s charming cafes.

Whether they came to impress their Lebanese partner, mother-in-law, boss, parents, or simply to try a new activity, our students have loved the courses and have been able to speak the language with ease. They’ve also been relieved to find that they can use Lebanese not only in Lebanon but throughout the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) region.

Today, “Lebanese Arabic with Hiba” has expanded, but it will always maintain its casual, stress-free approach to teaching and learning. I want my students to be able to express themselves in Lebanese, understand jokes and food menus, while also learning grammar and conjugation. A bit of fun never hurts, whether during the course or in life!

So, dear potential student, I’d be happy to teach you and share my approach to learning Lebanese. I look forward to sharing my love of Lebanese with you!


Our Team

hiba najem


I’m the founder of Learn Lebanese Arabic. Since 2011 I worked on sharing my love of the Lebanese culture and dialect through my YouTube channel and books. Teaching has allowed me to meet new people who became real friends, and, for that, I’m really grateful!

mireille fares


Hello! I am Mireille, I’m a 39-year-old teacher. I’m Lebanese and I live in Beirut. I like reading, yoga, hiking, and discovering the Lebanese natural scenery; add to it my love for keeping in touch with people.
I have a teaching degree and more than 10 years of experience in the field.

Four Ways of Learning Lebanese

We offer many resources to help you learn the Lebanese dialect.

English – Lebanese

Video Lessons from English to Lebanese

Français – Libanais

Des vidéos pour apprendre le Libanais en Français

Skype Lessons

Group and One-on-one Online Lebanese Private Lessons


Lebanese Arabic Phrasebooks in Paperback and Kindle formats

Some Words From My Students

We would be grateful if you left us a review on our testimonials page

“I’ve been taking remote lessons from Hiba for a few months now and can say she is a wonderful tutor and has helped me take my conversational Arabic to a whole new level. Highly recommended!”

— Zack

“Hiba´s lessons are great and insparing : you want to go further and know more and more of this beautiful langage. She is a very good teacher because she seems to talk to you personnally in her videos, giving you the best advices to help you to memorize.”

— Valerie Perez

“Hiba has helped me transform my broken arabic into something much more conversational and fluid! I always cannot wait for the next video… now another book will be out soon. She has the very best lebanese dialect lessons you can find.”

— Khalil

“I’m a big fan of Hiba’s channel. I found it last year after searching for so long to find somewhere to learn Lebanese. I also like the videos where she goes around the city, I feel they give a nice contextual side to the dialect.”

— Nassim