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“I’ve been taking remote lessons from Hiba for a few months now and can say she is a wonderful tutor and has helped me take my conversational Arabic to a whole new level. Highly recommended!”

— Zack

“Hiba´s lessons are great and insparing : you want to go further and know more and more of this beautiful langage. She is a very good teacher because she seems to talk to you personnally in her videos, giving you the best advices to help you to memorize.”

— Valerie Perez

“Hiba has helped me transform my broken arabic into something much more conversational and fluid! I always cannot wait for the next video… now another book will be out soon. She has the very best lebanese dialect lessons you can find.”

— Khalil

“I’m a big fan of Hiba’s channel. I found it last year after searching for so long to find somewhere to learn Lebanese. I also like the videos where she goes around the city, I feel they give a nice contextual side to the dialect.”

— Nassim