Lesson 39 – Lebanese Verb To Love

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In this lesson we will conjugate the verb “to love” in Lebanese Arabic. I think anyone who wants to say I love you in Lebanese will find this lesson to be useful.


Marhaba. A new video, a new energy, a new summer energy. I know you love conjugation, so here’s a new video where we’re going to conjugate you and me. I know it’s not the right temperature to love, because it’s like 40 degrees in Beirut today, I don’t know why. We will conjugate the verb to love. Let’s see the winter spirit. Okay, let’s start with the present tense. I love. ana b7ebb,أنا أحب. You love: enta bet7ebb,إنت بتحب, For a man. ente bet7ebbeh,إنت بتحب, For a woman. She loves. hiyyeh bet7ebb. He loves howeh bi7ebb. We love: ne7na men7ebb. You plural. Ento bet7ebbo. They love. henneh bi7ebbo. Ana b7ebb. Enta bet7ebb, ente bet7ebbeh. Howe bi7ebb. Now I’m lost. But he loves: Howe bi7ebb. She loves, hiyyeh bet7ebb. We love ne7na men7ebb. you love ento bet7ebbo, they love henneh bi7ebbo. He loves, she loves, they love, we love, you love, they love Now the past tense, although I wish love, will stay present I loved: ana 7abbeit, You loved: enta 7abbeit(m)/ente 7abbayteh(f). He loved houwe 7abb. She loved hiyyeh 7abbit. We loved ne7na 7abbayna. You loved… Oh my God, I’m lost with my dialect. You loved… إنتوا حبيتوا ento 7abbayto. They loved: henneh 7abbo هنّي حبّوا. Now the tense where we use I used. I don’t know what is the right title for this. I used to love: ana kenet 7ebb أنا كنت حبّ You used to love enta kenet t7ebb(m)/ente kenteh t7ebbeh(f). He used to love howe ken y7ebb. She used to love hiyyeh kenit t7ebb. We used to love ne7na kenna n7ebb. they used to love henneh keno y7ebbo. so you notice that for this sentence the used i used, you used, used will become ken, ken, ana kenet i used, ana kenet so you have to know how to conjugate the used and it will become كان. now the positive tense, the future tense, I will love and yes you will. I will love: ana ra7 7ebb أنا رح أحب. you will love: enta ra7 t7ebb(m)/ente ra7 t7ebbeh(f), أنت رح تحبي/ أنت رح تحب. she will love Hiyyeh ra7 t7eb. he will love howe ra7 y7ebb. we will love Ne7na ra7 n7ebb. you will love ento ra7 t7ebbo. they will love henneh ra7 y7ebbo. So we always use the ra7 to indicate the future tense, like the old conjugation verbs. Now the sentences, and before I start, please do not forget to go to settings, go to annotations, and turn it on All the videos have annotations, so please do that to follow the writing. Sentence number one I used to love you when we were kids: ana kenet 7ebbak lamma kenna zghar. He says he loves me like before: howe bi2oul enno bi7ebneh metel abel. He says: هو بقول. he loves me: بحبني. like before:  هو بقول انو بحبني مثل قبل .مثل قبل. I’m sure you love Byblos when you go. Byblos is the wonderful ancient city in Lebanon ‘Jbeil’.

 I’m sure: Ana akeedeh, because I’m a girl. If I was a boy, ana akeed. So, I’m sure. Ana akeedeh. you’ll love Byblos. ra7 t7eb, if you are a man, Ra7 t7ebbeh, if you are a woman. Ana akeedeh ra7 t7ebb Jbeil. Byblos will become Jbeil. When you go, when: bas, Go: trouh, or trouheh if you are a woman. Ana akideh ra7 t7ebb/t7ebbeh Jbeil bas trou7/trou7eh. If you are a group of people: Ana akideh ra7 t7ebbo Jbeil bas trou7o. short lessons study well! don’t forget that you have a site that regroups all the videos all the information. for more fun check the Facebook page. all information are down here and a new book will come out soon! I’ll see you soon, bshoufkoun areeban, bye 

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