Feel the Love: Conjugating ‘To Love’ Across Tenses in Lebanese Arabic

Diving into the heart of the Lebanese language, this video is all about bringing you closer to the verb “to love” in all its tenses. With the vibrant energy of summer and the bustling streets of Beirut as our backdrop, we navigate through the present, past, and future, ensuring you grasp the nuances of expressing affection in Lebanese Arabic. From “I love” to “they will love,” we cover it all, even throwing in some practical sentences to help solidify your understanding. And yes, while the temperature in Beirut might be soaring, our focus is unwavering. We’re here to make Lebanese Arabic feel right at home in your linguistic repertoire. So, get ready to fall in love with learning all over again!


Hello everyone,

Today, I’m excited to bring you a new video filled with vibrant summer energy. We’re going to dive into the world of conjugation, focusing on the verb “to love” in Lebanese Arabic. I know, it’s scorching hot in Beirut today, around 40 degrees, but let’s try to channel some winter spirit and get started.

Present Tense

  • I love: ana b7ebb (أنا أحب)
  • You love (male): enta bet7ebb (إنت بتحب)
  • You love (female): ente bet7ebbeh (إنت بتحب)
  • He loves: howeh bi7ebb (هو بحب)
  • She loves: hiyyeh bet7ebb (هي بتحب)
  • We love: ne7na men7ebb (نحنا منحب)
  • You love (plural): ento bet7ebbo (إنتو بتحبو)
  • They love: henneh bi7ebbo (هني بحبو)

Let’s recap: Ana b7ebb, enta bet7ebb, ente bet7ebbeh, howe bi7ebb, hiyyeh bet7ebb, ne7na men7ebb, ento bet7ebbo, henneh bi7ebbo.

Past Tense

  • I loved: ana 7abbeit
  • You loved (male): enta 7abbeit
  • You loved (female): ente 7abbayteh
  • He loved: houwe 7abb
  • She loved: hiyyeh 7abbit
  • We loved: ne7na 7abbayna
  • You loved (plural): ento 7abbayto
  • They loved: henneh 7abbo

Past Habitual Tense

  • I used to love: ana kenet 7ebb
  • You used to love (male): enta kenet t7ebb
  • You used to love (female): ente kenteh t7ebbeh
  • He used to love: howe ken y7ebb
  • She used to love: hiyyeh kenit t7ebb
  • We used to love: ne7na kenna n7ebb
  • You used to love (plural): ento kento t7ebbo
  • They used to love: henneh keno y7ebbo

Future Tense

  • I will love: ana ra7 7ebb
  • You will love (male): enta ra7 t7ebb
  • You will love (female): ente ra7 t7ebbeh
  • He will love: howe ra7 y7ebb
  • She will love: hiyyeh ra7 t7eb
  • We will love: ne7na ra7 n7ebb
  • You will love (plural): ento ra7 t7ebbo
  • They will love: henneh ra7 y7ebbo


  1. I used to love you when we were kids: ana kenet 7ebbak lamma kenna zghar.
  2. He says he loves me like before: howe bi2oul enno bi7ebneh metel abel.
  3. I’m sure you’ll love Byblos when you go: Ana akeedeh ra7 t7ebb/t7ebbeh Jbeil bas trou7/trou7eh.

Remember to turn on annotations for writing assistance, and don’t forget to check out our website and Facebook page for more fun. A new book is also on the way! See you soon, bshoufkoun areeban, bye!


EnglishLebanese (Latin Letters)Lebanese (Arabic Alphabet)
I loveana b7ebbأنا بحب
You love (male)enta bet7ebbإنت بتحب
You love (female)ente bet7ebbehإنت بتحب
He loveshoweh bi7ebbهو بحب
She loveshiyyeh bet7ebbهي بتحب
We lovene7na men7ebbنحنا منحب
You love (plural)ento bet7ebboإنتو بتحبو
They lovehenneh bi7ebboهني بحبو
I lovedana 7abbeitأنا حبيت
You loved (male)enta 7abbeitإنت حبيت
You loved (female)ente 7abbaytehإنت حبيتي
He lovedhouwe 7abbهو حب
She lovedhiyyeh 7abbitهي حبت
We lovedne7na 7abbaynaنحنا حبينا
You loved (plural)ento 7abbaytoإنتو حبيتو
They lovedhenneh 7abboهني حبو
I used to loveana kenet 7ebbأنا كنت حب
You used to love (male)enta kenet t7ebbإنت كنت تحب
You used to love (female)ente kenteh t7ebbehإنت كنتي تحبي
He used to lovehowe ken y7ebbهو كان يحب
She used to lovehiyyeh kenit t7ebbهي كانت تحب
We used to lovene7na kenna n7ebbنحنا كنا نحب
You used to love (plural)ento kento t7ebboإنتو كنتو تحبو
They used to lovehenneh keno y7ebboهني كانو يحبو
I will loveana ra7 7ebbأنا رح أحب
You will love (male)enta ra7 t7ebbإنت رح تحب
You will love (female)ente ra7 t7ebbehإنت رح تحبي
He will lovehowe ra7 y7ebbهو رح يحب
She will lovehiyyeh ra7 t7ebهي رح تحب
We will lovene7na ra7 n7ebbنحنا رح نحب
You will love (plural)ento ra7 t7ebboإنتو رح تحبو
They will lovehenneh ra7 y7ebboهني رح يحبو
I used to love you when we were kidsana kenet 7ebbak lamma kenna zgharأنا كنت حبك لما كنا صغار
He says he loves me like beforehowe bi2oul enno bi7ebneh metel abelهو بقول انو بحبني متل قبل
I’m sure you’ll love Byblos when you goAna akeedeh ra7 t7ebb/t7ebbeh Jbeil bas trou7/trou7ehأنا أكيدة رح تحب/تحبي جبيل بس تروح/تروحي

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