Lesson 13 Verb Conjugation: to Go

Learn Arabic Lebanese Lesson 13 (Verb To Go)

This lesson is a Lebanese Arabic verb conjugation. We will be conjugation the verb To Go.


Hello guys, if it’s the first time you’re watching the videos, It’s me Hiba, and I teach Lebanese Arabic. So we are in September in Lebanon, and it’s still too hot and we are still going to the beach. I want to say welcome to Loki, to Lebanon, because he’s coming today. Thanks, Loki, and thanks a lot for making the video response and for you all for spaceboy, I think. Yeah thanks for the video also, and today because some of you are interested in knowing about the tenses and verbs I am doing the conjugation of the verb to go I will start by teaching you the pronouns.
I: ana
You(m.): enta.
You(f.): ente.
He: howeh.
She: hiyyeh.
We: ne7na.
You(pl.): ento.
They: henneh.

I’ll repeat: ana, enta, ente, howe, hiyeh, ne7na, ento, henneh

I will start with the present tense now that you know the pronouns.
I am going: ana ray7a
You are going(m.): enta rayi7.
You are going(f.): ente ray7a.
He is going: howeh rayi7.
She’s going: hiyeh ray7a.
We are going: ne7na ray7een.
You are going(pl.): ento ray7een.
They are going: henneh ray7een.

See! It’s easy because, we, you, and they, are all ray7een. So:
Ana rayi7/ray7a
Enta rayi7
Ente ray7a
Howe rayi7
Hiyeh ray7a
Ne7na ray7een
Ento ray7een
Henneh ray7een
So there are similar words like I said.

Okay so right now the past tense.
I went: ana re7et
enta re7et
ente re7teh
he went: howeh ra7
hiyeh ra7it
ne7na re7na
ento re7to
henneh ra7o

Okay I chose the verb to go because, it’s less complicated than the others. So don’t be afraid now. The future tense:
I will tell you that ra7 indicates the future tense: ana ra7 rou7.
And it’s not just used for the verb to go.
You can also use it for the verb to eat or to drink.
For example, to drink: ana ra7 eshrab.

Ana ra7 rou7
Enta ra7 trou7
Ente ra7 trou7eh
He will go
Howeh ra7 yrou7
Hiyeh ra7 trou7
Ne7na ra7 nrou7
Ento ra7 trou7o
Henneh ra7 yrou7o

I hope it’s not too difficult.
Now you should go and study: hala2 lezim trou7o tederso.
Ok so have a good week/weekend,
and I will tell you that don’t forget to visit my blog, there’s a game it’s called translate and win, check it out, maybe you will like it.

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