Conjugating ‘To Go’ Across Tenses: A Lebanese Arabic Guide

In this video, I’ll dive deep into the heart of the Lebanese dialect, focusing on the verb “to go” and its conjugations across different tenses. As the summer heat continues in Lebanon, let’s take a break from the beach and immerse ourselves in the intricacies of our beautiful language. We’ll start with the basic pronouns and then explore how to use them with the verb in the present, past, and future tenses. Whether you’re a beginner or just looking to refine your skills, this lesson promises to be both informative and engaging. Let’s get started!



Hello guys! If you’re watching these videos for the first time, it’s me, Hiba. I teach Lebanese Arabic. Currently, it’s September in Lebanon, and it’s still quite hot. We’re still heading to the beach. I want to extend a warm welcome to Loki, who’s arriving in Lebanon today. Thanks, Loki, for your video response, and a big thank you to all of you, especially spaceboy, for the video as well.

Today, I’ll be focusing on tenses and verbs due to the interest some of you have shown. Specifically, I’ll be discussing the conjugation of the verb “to go.” But first, let’s start with the pronouns:

Pronouns in Lebanese Arabic

  • I: ana
  • You (male): enta
  • You (female): ente
  • He: howeh
  • She: hiyyeh
  • We: ne7na
  • You (plural): ento
  • They: henneh

To recap: ana, enta, ente, howe, hiyeh, ne7na, ento, henneh.

Present Tense Conjugation of “To Go”

  • I am going: ana ray7a
  • You are going (male): enta rayi7
  • You are going (female): ente ray7a
  • He is going: howeh rayi7
  • She is going: hiyeh ray7a
  • We are going: ne7na ray7een
  • You all are going: ento ray7een
  • They are going: henneh ray7een

Past Tense Conjugation of “To Go”

  • I went: ana re7et
  • You went (male): enta re7et
  • You went (female): ente re7teh
  • He went: howeh ra7
  • She went: hiyeh ra7it
  • We went: ne7na re7na
  • You all went: ento re7to
  • They went: henneh ra7o

Future Tense in Lebanese Arabic

For the future tense, “ra7” indicates the future:

  • I will go: ana ra7 rou7
  • You will go (male): enta ra7 trou7
  • You will go (female): ente ra7 trou7eh
  • He will go: howeh ra7 yrou7
  • She will go: hiyeh ra7 trou7
  • We will go: ne7na ra7 nrou7
  • You all will go: ento ra7 trou7o
  • They will go: henneh ra7 yrou7o

This “ra7” isn’t just for the verb “to go.” It can also be used for other verbs like “to eat” or “to drink.” For instance, “I will drink” is “ana ra7 eshrab.”

Conclusion and Invitation

I hope this isn’t too challenging for you. Now, it’s time for you to study: hala2 lezim trou7o tederso.

Have a great week or weekend! And don’t forget to visit my blog. There’s a game called “Translate and Win.” Check it out; you might enjoy it.



English (Bolded)Lebanese (Latin Letters)Lebanese (Arabic Alphabet)
You (male)entaانت
You (female)enteانتِ
You (plural)entoانتو
I am goingana ray7aأنا رايحة
You are going (male)enta rayi7انت رايح
You are going (female)ente ray7aانتِ رايحة
He is goinghoweh rayi7هو رايح
She is goinghiyeh ray7aهي رايحة
We are goingne7na ray7eenنحنا رايحين
You all are goingento ray7eenانتو رايحين
They are goinghenneh ray7eenهنّي رايحين
I wentana re7etأنا رحت
You went (male)enta re7etانت رحت
You went (female)ente re7tehانتِ رحتي
He wenthoweh ra7هو راح
She wenthiyeh ra7itهي راحت
We wentne7na re7naنحنا رحنا
You all wentento re7toانتو رحتوا
They wenthenneh ra7oهنّه راحوا
I will goana ra7 rou7أنا رح روح
You will go (male)enta ra7 trou7انت رح تروح
You will go (female)ente ra7 trou7ehانتِ رح تروحي
He will gohoweh ra7 yrou7هو رح يروح
She will gohiyeh ra7 trou7هي رح تروح
We will gone7na ra7 nrou7نحنا رح نروح
You all will goento ra7 trou7oانتو رح تروحوا
They will gohenneh ra7 yrou7oهنّي رح يروحوا

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