last day of august

hello again and again, in the last day of august; we are feeling down..

September will come tomorrow and it’s cool but what about winter? September will announce winter.. and seriously winter!!

bah.. i will keep on going to the beach till October.. i’ll skip work only to get the last touch of sun before disappearing behind winter and storms..  i dream of a country where t shirts and flip flops are only what i need.. i allowed just one or 2 rainy days in a month where i could put on my orange coat and drink my hot chocolate while watching the rain outside.. but a whole chocolaty rainy winter would be too much!!

don’t go and imagine we have a crazy winter in Lebanon but still winter is winter, winter is homeworks and short days, where your house will always smell chicken soup..

oh dear summer, i’ll wait for you, i’ll dream of you.


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