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Beirut marathon 2012

watch this interesting video! you can see the good spirit and high energy!the marathon happened yesterday on Sunday 12 November, still no good video for it so i chose to put the one of last year 2011.. watch it it’s fun and you can see Beirut from it!enjoy it guys and don’t forget to exercise! for a better you! 🙂 have a good Monday! 🙂 If you like this post, please don’t forget to like or share 🙂 Tweet

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kids theater in Beirut!

hello hello!if you live in Beirut and you have kids or interested in kids theater. if you are a comedian or a kids teacher.. i think it will be interesting to come and watch the plays. 4 plays for all ages! i will post here the links. check them out! –“Le bal de reves” is a French Lebanese creation: – “tetine… bye!” is a play concerning little kids from 1 to 4 years (not a

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Halloween / iid el Berbara

hello again and again! a new lesson will be posted soon, about mingling… did you change the hour of your watches? now its 9h30 PM in Beirut.. i wish you a good week, full of energy! don’t be depressed cause it’s November, just think that you have much time before the beach, so start getting in shape from now is an idea 😉 i hope you had fun having Halloween! you know in Lebanon we don’t really celebrate

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car bomb explosion in Achrafiyeh Beirut

unfortunately, today i bring you bad news… yesterday Friday 19 October  once again Lebanon lived a tragic day with a terrible blast at 3 pm. as the media and politicians are saying this explosion targets ISF information branch general Wissam Hassan. (father for 2 young men). over 100 injured and they say around 10 people are dead. plus the damage caused. media is saying the bomb was 30 kg. so my friends prayers are offered to the innocent martyrs and peace is hoped..

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“Autumn in Beirut”

hello hello how are you guys? are you enjoying the videos? any comments or suggestions? today i thought of telling you what to do around “autumn in Beirut” – go to the mountains, the weather is beautiful there, all is yellow. take your bike and enjoy the ride! – sit outside, wherever you go… restaurants , coffee shops.. after a very hot summer spent in a closed room with a cooler, it’s time to enjoy fresh air!

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