Car Bomb Explosion in Achrafiyeh Beirut

Unfortunately, today I bring you bad news… Yesterday, Friday, 19 October, once again Lebanon lived a tragic day with a terrible blast at 3 pm.

As the media and politicians are saying, this explosion targets ISF (Internal Security Forces) information branch General Wissam Hassan (father of 2 young men).

Over 100 injured, and they say around 10 people are dead, plus the damage caused. Media is saying the bomb was 30 kg.

So, my friends, prayers are offered to the innocent martyrs, and peace is hoped…


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3 thoughts on “Car Bomb Explosion in Achrafiyeh Beirut”

  1. thank you Maria, I am safe thank God! i pray too that the situation will get better but im not very positive about it.. thanks for yo concern 🙂

  2. This is terrible news indeed. We have been praying for the victims, and praying that the violence does not continue.
    I am glad to hear that you are safe, may God protect you and your family.

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