“Autumn in Beirut”

hello hello how are you guys?
 are you enjoying the videos? any comments or suggestions?

today i thought of telling you what to do around “autumn in Beirut”

go to the mountains, the weather is beautiful there, all is yellow. take your bike and enjoy the ride!

sit outside, wherever you go… restaurants , coffee shops.. after a very hot summer spent in a closed room with a cooler, it’s time to enjoy fresh air!

go to the theaters! the artistic season is ready to welcome you, theatre tournesol (Tayyouneh), theatre Monot (Monot), theatre Madina (Hamra), theatre Babel (Hamra), theatre Mounir Abou Debes (Freikeh)…

– also cinemas and movies take a big part! now you can find in cinema Abraj (Furn el chebek. centre Abraj), a festival: Beirut international film festival… movies from all around the world and also short movies for students and professionals. They’re also doing a retrospective of Stanley Kubrick. soon the European film Festival will start (on of the best! don’t skip!)

don’t let school or any winter obligation frustrate you! simply make something else your priority! 🙂

cheers guys 🙂 

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