Tour in Hamra Street, Beirut

A Tour in Hamra Street, Beirut

Hamra is one of the most famous streets in Lebanon, where you can find almost everything; Restaurants, bars, coffeeshops, clothing stores, etc. Tag along while I do a tour in Hamra street in this video.


Like I promised, today’s video is directly from Hamra street in Beirut.

So first of all, I’m going to grab some food because I’m hungry. Let’s go together to a Lebanese restaurant where you can see the famous food.

Let’s go!

deghreh means straight, like we learned in the previous lesson.

Now we arrived, and I’m going to ask for one Shawarma chicken, because there is two kinds of Shawarma, one Shawarma chicken, one Shawarma meat (beef). Come.

marHaba, fineh ekhoud weHdeh Shawarma 3mol ma3roof?… Djeij.”
Hello, can I have one shawarma, please?… Chicken.”

Shukran. Yummi, yummi!

I’m still hungry, and I’m think about a falafel sandwich.

addeh sandwich l Falefil?
how much for a falafel sandwich?

euh, sandwich l Falefil alfein w sabe3 miyyeh w khamseen (2,750 LBP)
A falafel sandwich is for 2,750“.

marHaba. Baddeh Falefil, bas bas Falefil w tarator
Hello, I want falafel. Just falafel and tarator (Tahini sauce)

ba’doonis means Parsley

“Parsley and radish… and pickles…”


Thank you

ahla w sahla

It’s starting to rain now, so it’s the perfect time for a happy hour. Let’s go so I show you the street full of pubs, join me.

Okay so in this street there are many, many pubs, and in the weekends, the street here will be crowded with people.
You can chill and drink here, outside and inside.


I will tell you now that Hamra has always been a cultural place. So now we’re going to visit some theaters and art galleries.

So this is one of the galleries. And now we’re going to the theater.

To go to the theater, we should go to the right (3al yameen)

3al yameen!

We arrived now to the “Madina” Theater. And “Madina” means “City”, and “theater” in Arabic means “MassraH”. So we are now at “massraH l madina”. So tonight there’s a concert and it’s part of the International Festival for Experimental music in Lebanon. And I will tell you that in this theater, and in Hamra, there’s a lot of festivals that happen throughout the year.

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