Lesson 11 Shopping in Lebanese

In this lesson you will learn sentences and phrases you’ll need to use when shopping in Lebanon. And at the end there’s also a small tour to an eyeglasses store in Hamra.


Hi guys, and welcome again for a new lesson to learn the Lebanese dialect.
Today, because you’ve asked me to do a shopping video, I will do it.
We will start and I will teach you some words which we use in English, like a short when you want to buy a short.
Cravate [from French]. cravate is a tie in English.
Pantalon: the pants it’s also pantalon [from French].
Now different words:
A shirt: 2amees
Shoes: if you want to buy high heels you say scarbeeneh. It’s so feminine, the word. Really! The sound is scarbeeneh.
And if you want to buy a regular shoe like running shoes, you say espadrille [from French], or sobbat, if you want to learn the word. But you can of course use espadrille.
Did I tell you about the dress?
Dress: fostan
Glasses: 3wayneit
After I finish this I’m going to show you when I went shopping for glasses, to buy glasses, and we will go together to Hamra street again and I will show you the Scoop shop. You will see it later.
Let’s start with the sentences:
Can you help me? fikeh tse3deeneh (f.)/ fik tse3edneh(m.)?
can you help me (for the saleswoman or the salesman)
Is there another size? fi gheir 2yeis
fi: is there
another: gheir
size: 2yeis
fi gheir 2yeis?
I need a smaller one: baddeh 2yeis azghar
I need a larger one: baddeh 2yeis akbar
so it’s azghar, akbar.
baddeh 2yeis azghar, baddeh 2yeis akbar.
In how many colors does it come? kamm lon fi menna/menno
so color: lon
How much does it cost?: addeh 7a22a(f.)/7a22o(m.)?
If it’s feminine 7a22a, masculine 7a22o. You know that by now.
Are they on sale? fi sale?
Are they on sale? fi sale? or 3amleen sale or solde? And the word in Arabic is 7asem, but really, you can say sale.
So if you want to ask the saleswoman if it looks good:
Does it look good on me? 7elo 3layyeh? 7elweh 3layyeh?
For example, does the dress look good on me?: l fostan 7elo 3layyeh?
Because fostan is masculine, so 7elo 3layyeh?
Because 7elo means pretty.
So if you want to say you are pretty: enteh 7elweh(f.) or enta 7elo (m.), but that’s another lesson.
Let’s continue.
Before we go to the glasses shop, I will give you some tips which you could use at a small shop if you want to buy souvenirs for example in Byblos, or the souks, so you go and you negotiate with the salesperson and you can get a good bargain. I can give you a few sentences.
Can I get it for a cheaper price? fik trakhesleh yeh?(m.) / fikeh trakhsileh yeh(f.)
fik: can you (m.)
fikeh: can you (f.)
fik ta3melleh se3er, also, fikeh ta3mlileh se3er for a female person.
So it also means could I get it for a cheaper price?
And the last thing I will tell you when the salesperson tells you it’s for 5 dollars, you say w kermeleh?, and it means: and for me, can’t you make it a little bit cheaper? So try it, maybe you can get things for a cheaper price: w kermeleh?
Ok so let’s go to the glasses shop and have fun. Thank you! Bye-bye!
Hello guys, how are you?
So like I promised, I’m doing a shopping video now. It’s about shopping in Beirut and I am in Hamra. In a very special place. It’s a place where you can buy glasses and the guy here owns it.
-mazbout enta sa7ib l ma7al?
-mazbout, sa7i7.
-shou esmak?
-daroure bl englizeh?
-7atta esmeh mfarkash.
-He has an original name also, Aakeef. And you can find here vintage glasses, and actually lots of stars bought…
-All new. Nobody used it. hayda ma 7ada mesta3melo.
-All new of course but it’s vintage. They use it in video clips and, as you see, they wrote about it in timeout magazine in Beirut.
-w 3ala google 3enna safa7tein scoop optic…
-And also you can google the place, it’s Scoop.
-And I will show you after the poster, or what we say, I don’t know. And I bought this from his place.
-This is 1970. 42 years ago. haydeh tnayna-w-arb3een seneh 3omra
-And actually, he showed me the machine…
-This machine gives guaranteed UV. It checks the lenses. [It fully protects from UV light]. This is bad quality, light enters the eye. Be careful, you will ruin your eyes.
ente ma ma3ik khabar, sa7 walla la2?
-So 3akeef I’m thinking about buying this. Let me choose one. I like the Rayban here. I will talk in Arabic now.
-addeh 7a22o hayda
-hayda manno vintage, fikeh tle2i 7ayalla ma7al.
-Ok w fi menno gheir lon?
-eh hayda fi eshyia normal, bas fina nshouf shi teneh. L eshiya l vintage hayda l ekhtisas taba3eh. Haydek kello manno ekhtisaseh. Fikeh tsawreh shi hek vintage iza baddik. Hawdoleh kelloun 1970-1965.
W keloun handmade. 1940. Wow look at this, it’s original. It’s like an alien.
-You can try and let’s take a picture. 1940. I show you one, handmade for one reason. It takes the form of your eyes. Lyom 3melto. Khatar b raseh, naffazto.
-He did it today.
-Shou ra2yik fiya hal fekra?
-It’s very good, ktir 7elwe.
-Marra t3allamet shi. Barra fi makana, hon fi makana. Barra fi mokh, hon fi mokh. Barra fi 2id, hon fi 2id. Lesh ma mna3mil metel barra? Ma beftekir shaghleh so3beh, mesh hek? Ahwan mn hek ma fi? Mesh hek? meshen hek hayda l sheghel taba3eh.
-Tayyib. So thank you laken. Ok we will meet outside now. Laken we could say addeh 7a22o? Fik ta3mlena se3er if we need to tell him please can you reduce the price a little bit? Or fi menno gheir lon?
I will tell you this later. I will explain more. Let us see the vitrine. The students of the American university designed this. The girl with her eyes. And they won the first prize. Congratulations. Now we’ll say thank you to Aakeef.
-You are welcome.
-And don’t forget when you come to Hamra visit scoop for glasses.
-This building is 200 years old.

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