Tabbouleh! yum yum!

perfect in the summer after the beach, actually it’s perfect at anytime, Sunday here is never welcome without tabbouleh over lunch, it is a must at any barbecue!
here you can find the recipe of our Lebanese salad:

– 2 large bunch fresh parsley, wash it and chop it finely
– 4 or 5 tomatoes also finely chopped
– 1 onion peeled and also finely chopped
–  few mint leaves finely chopped
– 1/4 cup of Bulgar wheat
– lemon
– zest of a lemon (optional, but it gives good taste)
– olive oil
– salt

in a large recipient put the parsley the the tomatoes. mix the onion with the salt and rub it in your hands then add it to the previous mix. after that add the mint and the bulgar wheat. now be generous with the lemon and the olive oil! and that’s it!

alf sahtein!

p.s: you can eat tabbouleh with a fork, bread or lettuce! 

now if you are in lebanon and you wanna prepare your own tabbouleh im gonna tell you the names of ingredients:

-parsley: ba’dounes/ bunch of parsley: be’it ba’dounes
-tomatoes: banadoura/ kilo tomatoes: kilo banadoura
-1 onion: basleh/ kilo onion: kilo basal
-mint: naanaa/ bunch of mint: be’it naanaa
-bulgar wheat: borghoul
-lemon: hamoud
-zest of lemon: barech hamoud
-olive oil: zeit zaytoun
-salt: meleh

try it and tell me what do you think 🙂

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