Movies in Lebanon

what was the last movie you watched?
 me i saw last week  “salmon fishing in the Yemen”, i like Emily Blunt so i watched it, but i didn’t find it very good..

anyway about the Lebanese cinema, it’s not really a big business.. i mean not every time you go to the movies you see a Lebanese movie..hollywood is always here!
but recently we have a promising director a young woman called “Nadine Labaki”. till now she has 2 full length movie: “CARAMEL”/ “SEKAR BANET” (2007) and “WHERE DO WE GO NOW”/ “W HALAA LA WEIN” she acts in her movies too..

in these movies you can hear the Lebanese dialect as well as seeing Lebanese street and culture… i advice you to watch Nadine Labaki’s movies…

of course lots of directors are giving us good movies too and i will tell you about them soon 🙂


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