ideas to do on a vacation in lebanon!

– go to the beach and go to the beach oh and go the beach.. many pools many resorts are waiting for you! swim get tanned. sport a little and enjoy your time!! (lot of beaches resorts are find in: Byblos, Batroun, Jiyeh, Sour, Damour…)

 go party at night, have a drink in any pub, you can find outsides pubs also at hamra, gemayze, jounieh... then you can continue partying in a club somewhere in monot, sodeco...

– for christian religious trips you can visit ST Charbel in Anaya, ST Rafa’a and ST Hardineh in Bled Batroun Jbeil.. you can go to Harissa also to see ST Marie.. 

– don’t forget to see Jeita grotto (there’s an upper and lower grotto) you go to a boat trip and enjoy the view. (Jeita grotto was nominated to be one of the 7 natural wonders of the word)

– you can also benefit from the sale… malls, souks… (abc mall in achrafiyeh and dbayeh. city mall dawra. le mall sein el fil and saydah,…) 

– if you want to go to an open place just to enjoy walking around go to Beirut souks for some shopping and dinner at regular or fancy restaurant.

a new place has taking a part lately: Beirut waterfront, it’s near Biel and ST Georges… fancy and elegant.. 

for more authentic set go to Souk el Zouk (littoral of Keserwen, between Beirut and Byblos)

 old style roads and good atmosphere.. 

– discover the mountains! i will give you the names of mountains where you could go have fresh air and amusing light time: Bekfaya. Broumana. Dhour chweir. Alayaat… you can find lot more mountains then those i just remembered few one…

i will give you more ideas to spend your time and have a great vacation here! so guys enjoy your time in Beirut! 

Hiiba 🙂

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