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Learn Lebanese Arabic with Hiba Najem
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 17 reviews
 by Zach
A great resource

I've been taking remote lessons from Hiba for a few months now and can say she is a wonderful tutor and has helped me take my conversational Arabic to a whole new level. Highly recommended!

 by Valerie Perez
Excellent !

Hiba ´s lessons are great and insparing : you want to go further and know more and more of this beautiful langage. She is a very good teacher because she seems to talk to you personnally in her videos, giving you the best advices to help you to memorize.

 by Jeremiah

Finding Lebanese language learning is challenging. The Hiba’s lessons are detailed and extremely accessible online for free! Also if you want to go deeper she is very available to answer questions and give private lessons that are extensively prepared. Best place to learn Lebanese Arabic.

 by Khalil
The best lebanese dialect lessons you can find.

Hiba has helped me transform my broken arabic into something much more conversational and fluid! I always cannot wait for the next video... now another book will be out soon. She has the very best lebanese dialect lessons you can find.

 by Bilal
Very good

Hey Hiba, I like everything (the lessons , your channel, the books....) but unfortunately, you do not upload a video regulary and that’s why I gave you 3 stars.

 by Marcel
Lessons that will prepare you to feel

Hiba Najem performed the seemingly impossible feat of making the beginning stages of learning her language look easy. Her videos, which also take us on tours of Beirut and other places in Lebanon, make the learning process almost accidental as we follow new episodes for their entertainment value. Other episodes feature key vocabulary and verb declensions, all with subtitles in Arabic letters, an invaluable feature as it enables readers to recognize the roots of the words they are hearing rather than just parroting sounds, and thus preparing them for looking up in the dictionary new words they may come across, at least in those cases where the Lebanese word is derived from a fus7a root. Follow her lessons, and you will soon also experience that magical moment when you realize when watching a Lebanese film that you are understanding what is being said, and that the subtitles have it wrong. Many thanks, Hiba, for making all that possible.

 by Yousif George

If you are seriously looking to learn our Lebanese Language and culture or even if you are mildly interested, whether you're a Beginner, Intermediate, or advanced speaker.... Please, I highly recommend Hiba's Channel.

Hiba is, Highly motivated, Very well educated, Lebanese Woman, I'm so very proud of her..!!

DON'T MISS OUT on this Learning Experience... !!!!!

 by Juliuss
Salem ya habibi hiba

Hi hiba wow all I want to say is thank you, thanks for your big help to teach us tha Arabic language, I have been several years trying to learn it , by internet and suddenly I saw a video from you since that time I am following you and I have been learning Arabic, for me you are the best teacher by internet and I know everyone say that , please keep making videos for us , shukran habibi w Allah ma3k

 by Ludovica

Has been a surprise finding Hiba's channel on Youtube! Now i'm in contact with her for private lessons and I really enjoy everytime with her! Thank you Hiba!! I suggest your teaching to everybody!

 by Cecelia
Fantastic Teacher!

Hiba's youtube channel has made my connect with the Lebanese language and allowed me insight of a side of my heritage I would have never had previously connected with language wise. She has taught me so much just through her videos and blog posts! She really knows how to teach language and cultural aspects in a friendly, straight-forward and fun way. I am so glad I had discovered her and I will continue to support her!

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