“Good morning” in Lebanese & Other Everyday Phrases | Lesson 9

Listen to a few practical sentences that help you learn Lebanese Arabic. In this lesson you will learn practical everyday sentences you might need to use around Lebanese people, like “Good morning”, “Good evening”, and asking “How are you?”.


Hello! It’s a regular day, nothing special, so it’s perfect to teach you everyday sentences.
Let’s start.

By now, you know that hello in Lebanese means marHaba but you don’t know what
good morning and good evening mean.
I will tell you.

Good morning: sabaH el kheir.

sabaH means morning and kheir means peace so sabaH el kheir.

When someone tells you sabaH el kheir you reply sabaH el noor and noor means light like that the Sun gives you.

sabaH el noor.

And the same for good evening:

Good evening: masa el kheir

because masa means evening, kheir means peace

masa el kheir, masa el noor

sabaH el kheir
sabaH el noor
masa el kheir
masa el noor

how are you:

kifak (for a man)
kifik (for a woman)
kifak, kifik

What’s new?: shou fee jdeed?

shou fee: what’s
jdeed: new

OK I will close the window because the neighbours are making…
OK, yes, let’s continue.

what’s new? shou fi jdeed?

What happened?

What happened: shou sar?

how are you: kifak? kifik?
what happened: shou sar

what’s new: shou fi jdeed

What’s happening?: shou 3am b seer?

shou 3am b seer, or simply, show fee

and I will tell you, shou fee is used a lot like:

what’s for lunch? shou fee 3al ghada?


what’s the plan for tonight?: shou fee l layleh?

so shou fee, shou 3am b seer.

But you can’t use shou 3am b seer el layleh for what’s the plan for tonight.
Maybe you can but shou fee is better. So let’s continue.

How was your day?

How was your day?: keef kein nharak?

keef means how
means was and
day means nhar
your day
: nharak (for a man), nharik (for a woman)

So if you want to ask a female friend how was her day you say:
keef kein nharik
if you want to ask a group of people you say:
keef kein nharkoun

keef kein nharak, keef kein nharik, keef kein nharkoun

It was nice seeing you: mbasatet sheftak.

sheftak: seeing you
shefet: see.
ana shefet: I saw
sheftak: I saw you.
mbasatet sheftak.

Maybe it’s difficult mbasatet but begin with an M then a B: mbasatet

  • mbasatet sheftak (for a man)
  • mbasatet sheftik (for a woman)
  • mbasatet sheftkoun (for a group)

What are you doing tomorrow?: shou 3amil bukra?

shou: what
3amil: doing
tomorrow: bukra

shou 3amil bukra (for a male)
shou 3amleh bukra (female)
shou 3amleen bukra (group)

OK and I will see you soon. thank you. no!

I will see you soonbshoufak areeban (for a male)

bshoufik areeban (for a female)
bshoufkoun areeban (group)

areeban: soon
I will see you: bshoufak, bshoufik, bshoufkoun

Final thing:

I will call you: beHkeek, beHkeekeh, beHkeekoun

So really it’s not that hard beHkeek, beHkeekeh, beHkeekoun.

Let’s make a revision:
good morningsabaH el kheir
good morningsabaH el noor
good eveningmasa el kheir
good eveningmasa el noor
how are you?kifak?
what happened? shou sar?
what’s happening? shou 3am b seer? or shou fee?
how was your day? kif kein nharak?
kif kein nharik?
kif kein nharkoun?
It was nice seeing you mbasatet sheftak
mbasatet sheftik
mbasatet sheftkoun
What are you doing tomorrow? shou 3amil bukra?
shou 3amleh bukra?
shou 3amleen bukra?
I will see you soon bshoufak areeban
bshoufik areeban
bshoufkoun areeban
I will call you beHkeek

Frequently Asked Questions Which are Answered in this Post

And before I go I will tell you, I want to thank you for your comments for the ideas you are giving me, like this lesson. Many of you asked me to do a regular sentences, everyday talk. So thank you for the ideas, keep on giving me. And what else?…
OK, study well maybe, maybe, the next video will be a tour.
Bye bye.
Have a good weekend.

Now that you’ve learned how to say good morning in Lebanese and other everyday phrases, check out the next lesson.

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  1. I am dating a Lebanese lady and I find your lessons helpful to talk to her. Please keep up the good work you are doing. Thank you thank you thank you.

  2. I love your videos and I have learned a lot. I am visiting Lebanon this summer. Could you please make a video with questions and conversations when going for shopping. Keep it up 😉

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