boring Monday!

boring Monday!
you there sitting in your office, aren’t you dreaming of a hot croissant while sitting in the sun in a little bistrot?         i know i am!

bah let’s be practical, today i will tell you how to go to work if you are living in Beirut:
many many people use their cars, so we can enjoy the traffic! here usually every family have at least one car, so yes cars are used a lot.
don’t worry if you don’t have your own vehicle you can take a cap! of course you can call a taxi office and order a car, but this is not an every day way because taxis are expensive. this is why we chose to take a “service”! you walk a little bit from your home and you will quickly find a service. the service driver will take you to your destination for only 2.000ll around 1.50$. sometimes you need to pay him the double if your going somewhere a bit far..
service is a great way to go to work, you will practice your Arabic, listen to local music, meet all kinds of people, and certainly discover Beirut! no precise spot to find a service, just walk and wait to hear a non stop horn calling you!

buses are also a way to go to work, especially if you have long distance. you can come from the mountain to Beirut in a bus then continue your way with a service!

so guys do not worry there are always ways to take you to your destination. in your first days here you will find it difficult because the are few stations, (the buses stop whenever you want) but you will get to know afterall.

finally let’s not forget bicycles! in the summer with the 30/35 degree im not sure it’s easy.. but you can start from the last week of September to enjoy it!

when you come don’t be surprise of how many little motorcycles you will sew in the street. its a cheap way to move!

excuse me now my croissant is waiting, oh i mean work!
have a good day 🙂

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