Happy Birthday to Music

Happy birthday to music!

yup it’s still early but I’m exited to tell you about the spots you can visit on the 21st of June to celebrate the music anniversary/la fete de la musique!

so on Thursday the 21st of June, 9 days form now, if you are in Lebanon, yala go and blow out a candle for music!
let’s start with downtown:
– The Samir Assir garden where you can listen to classy jazz or classical music
walk a bit and at
– martyr’s square you can rock and roll!
walk a bit and at
-Roman stairs you can enjoy the international bands (last year there was a good french group)
and there’s a new location which is
-Beirut souks, (Beirut waterfront) you can shop and enjoy live music, how good is that!

let’s move to
-Hamra (check out my video about hamra), in the center of the pubs’ street a big stage is placed to amuse you with good music.

And on Friday the 22nd, you can drive about 40 mins and arrive to Byblos where also music is honored. I have the schedule right next to me :

-8h30: Band age (rock)
-9h30: Alan Azar (instrumental progressive metal/rock)
-10h30: meen the band (Lebanese rock)
p.s: meen plays very good music!

if i remember any other spot i will share it with you,
till then prepare yourself and happy birthday to all musicians in the word! 🙂

Spread the dialect!

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