Celebrating Bonds: Lebanese Phrases for Friends and Birthdays

In this video, I’m taking you on a little journey through the vibrant streets of Hamra, right to my favorite spot known for its beautiful flower shops. We’ll explore the charming “street of flowers” and dive into the heartwarming topic of friendship. I’ll be sharing some essential Lebanese words and phrases that you can use to talk about friends, fun outings, and even how we celebrate birthdays here in Lebanon. Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek into a birthday celebration and learn the famous song we sing, even though it’s in the Egyptian dialect. So, whether you’re looking to expand your Lebanese vocabulary or just curious about our local customs, you’re in for a treat!



Hello guys, how are you? I know it’s been a long time. So today, I’m going to talk about friendship and some words you will use. I’m in Hamra street again and again. I’m taking you to my favorite corner in Hamra. It is the street of flowers. Everywhere here, there are flower shops, especially the best known as Ta’oush. Ta’oush is a family name and it is called “azhar Ta’oush”, which means Ta’oush flowers. And today, I’m going to tell some words about friendship and at the end of this video, I’m going to show you a little piece I shot at my brother-in-law’s birthday, so you will learn some words you will say when you are attending a Lebanese birthday. And the famous song “sana 7elwa ya gamil”, which we sing on a birthday, it is not in Lebanese, it is in Egyptian, in the Egyptian dialect. And we don’t know why it is in the Egyptian dialect, but it is so… Let’s go to the flower shops.

At the Flower Shop

First flower shop, “azhar Ta’oush”. Azhar means flowers, Zahra means a flower, or we say Warde for the rose flower, Azhar means all kinds of flowers. Rose for Warde, Zahra for every flower. And another shop, I don’t know the name.

Words of Friendship

Okay, let’s learn some words because it’s quiet here. So, friendship means sada2a and it is also in fus-ha or modern standard Arabic. So it is sada2a.

  • My friend (male): rfee2
  • My friend (female): rfee2a
  • Male friend: sadee2
  • Female friend: sadee2a
  • Male (friend): sa7ib
  • Female (friend): sa7beh

To say “he is my friend” for a man, it’s “howeh rfee2eh”, and for a female friend, “hiyeh rfee2teh”. For a boyfriend, “howeh sa7beh” if straight, and “hiyeh sa7ebteh” for a girlfriend if gay or lesbian. “Howeh sa7beh” can also mean she is my friend but is more commonly used for my boyfriend. For an enemy, “3adouw” for a male enemy, “howeh 3adouweh”, and “hiyeh 3adouwteh” for a female enemy. In plural, it’s “henneh a3de2eh”.

Best Friends and Activities

My best friend is “houweh rfee2eh el mufaddal” for a male, and “hiyye rfee2teh el mufaddaleh” for a female. For a group, it’s “henneh ref2ateh/as7abeh el mufaddaleen”.

  • We watch a movie: ne7na mno7dar film.
  • We go out: mnodhar.
  • Let’s do something (group): ta3o na3mil shi.
  • Let’s do something (one friend): ta3e na3mil shi.
  • Let’s do something (girl): ta3a na3mil shi.
  • We have a drink: mneshrab keis.
  • Have a drink with me (male): ta3a shrab ma3eh keis.
  • Have a drink with me (female): ta3eh shrabeh ma3eh keis.
  • We have fun: mnetsalla.
  • We have dinner together: mnet3asha sawa.
  • I invite you for dinner (male): ana 3ezmetak 3al 3asha.
  • I invite you for dinner (female): ana 3esmetik 3al 3asha.
  • I invite you for dinner (group): ana 3ezmetkoun 3al 3asha.
  • We drink coffee: mneshrab ahweh.
  • Come over to watch TV (male): ta3a la 3andeh, mno7dar TV.
  • Come over to watch TV (female): ta3eh la 3andeh mno7dar television.

Now you will watch the birthday party I hope you will enjoy it And I wish it was a good lesson Ciao, see you soon.

Lebanese Birthday Celebration:

Hello, this is my sister, Lynn. And her husband’s birthday is today, and we’re going to celebrate this occasion, not with a cake, but with mousse. Chocolate mousse. And I prepared it with the Jamie Oliver recipe. Thank you, Jamie Oliver. I love you. If you’re watching me, please be watching me. We’re going to blow the candles. Maybe it’s easier if you help me, my sister. No, she’s not very good. I’m going to do that.

Lynn: Yalla, la2an 3am bidoubo.
Hiba: Kelloun lezim ndawwiyoun?
Lynn: La2, khalas, yalla. Mnghanneh mn hala2?
Hiba: Fikoun tghanno bl 3arabeh awwal shi?
Lynn: Mnghanneh bas bl 3arabeh.
Everyone: Sana 7elwa ya gamil, sana 7elwa ya gamil, sana 7elwa ya Jad, sana 7elwa ya gamil.
Samer: Wein l soura?
Imad: Rou2, rou2, rou2. Ba3ed fi we7deh mesh wel3a, rou2!
Hiba: Wein?
Samer: Hawdeh yalleh byoula3o w byotfo w byoula3o w byotfo?
Hiba: La2, byotfo, byotfo.
Imad: Fik ttaffiyoun kelloun bfard marra?
Lynn: 3a2bel l miyeh Jad.
Hiba: 3a2bel l miyeh. Yen3ad 3leik.
Samer: Yen3ad 3leik! Nefra7 mennak!
Imad: Nefra7lak mn 3arees teneh.
Hiba: Okay. This is how we celebrate birthdays.
Lynn: This is how we celebrate birthdays in Lebanon.
Everyone: Happy birthday! Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Jad-u. Happy birthday to you.
Hiba: Okay, Imad, Aline, Mirna, Samer, Samer is shy, Lynn, Jad, and we have Wael who is always busy. Thank you.
Lynn: Thank you, Hiba.


EnglishLebanese (Latin)Lebanese (Arabic)
Rose flowerwardeوردة
My friend (male)rfee2رفيق
My friend (female)rfee2aرفيقة
Friend (male)sadee2صديق
Friend (female)sadee2aصديقة
Friend (male)sa7ibصاحب
Friend (female)sa7behصاحبة
My boyfriendsa7behصاحبي
My girlfriendsa7ebtehصاحبتي
Enemy (male)3adouwehعدوي
Enemy (female)3adouwtehعدوتي
Best friend (male)rfee2eh el mufaddalرفيقي المفضل
Best friend (female)rfee2teh el mufaddalehرفيقتي المفضلة
Best friendsref2ateh/as7abeh el mufaddaleenرفقاتي/أصحابي المفضلين
We watch a moviene7na mno7dar filmنحنا منحضر فيلم
We go outmnodharمنضهر
Let’s do somethingta3o na3mil shiتعا نعمل شي
Have a drink with me (male)ta3a shrab ma3eh keisتعا شراب معي كاس
Have a drink with me (female)ta3eh shrabeh ma3eh keisتعي شربي معي كاس
We have funmnetsallaمنتسلى
We have dinner togethermnet3asha sawaمنتعشى سوا
I invite you to dinner (male)ana 3ezmetak 3al 3ashaأنا عازمتك على العشاء
I invite you to dinner (female)ana 3esmetik 3al 3ashaأنا عازمتك على العشاء
We drink coffeemneshrab ahwehمنشرب قهوة
Come over to watch TV (male)ta3a la 3andeh, mno7dar TVتعا لعندي، منحضر تي في
Come over to watch TV (female)ta3eh la 3andeh mno7dar televisionتعي لعندي، منحضر تلفزيون

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