Making Lebanese Coffee

In this video, I will be showing you how to make Lebanese coffee, which is the same as Turkish coffee. This is the coffee that we drink the most here in Lebanon, and it’s the coffee that you can find almost anywhere, in coffee shops, restaurants, and even in certain kiosks.


Hello guys! How are you?
So today it’s not really a learning lesson, we’re not gonna learn new words.
We’re going to do a fun video because I’m not able to make a tour video.
I’m going to show you how to make Lebanese coffee and to read you poems in the garden later when the coffee will be done.

Ok so let’s start with the coffee.

For the Lebanese coffee – and it’s actually a Turkish coffee because it came to us from Turkey – and for that, we need this material, this recipient, and it’s called rakweh.

Lebanese Coffee kettle: rakweh.

And we need water in it and it’s boiling.
And we need the coffee actually and it’s called bann.

Coffee powder: bann.

It has a really nice taste, or smell, I mean.

Ok so it’s boiling.
For this rakweh we add three spoons, and ok, then we mix it.

Coffee: ahweh.

We should do that because if you don’t the ahweh – ahweh means coffee – the ahweh will drop (spill).
Ok so you should do it several times.
I will bring the camera and show you closer the ahweh.
ok so see?
This is the ahweh
look, look, look! Ahhhh! Ok so now we say farit l ahweh

The coffee spewed: farit l ahweh.

But it’s ok, I’m gonna continue. We put it here.
We mix it one more time, and it’s ready.
You know, people in Lebanon drink a lot a lot of coffee, and especially the women, they drink like 10 cups of ahweh every day.
I hope you [you could still see me].
So yes, they drink perhaps 10 cups of coffee, but don’t think a cup is like a cup. It’s a small cup and it’s called fenjein.

Coffee cup: fenjein.

I will show you a fenjein ahweh. It’s here.
They drink 10 of these. Maybe it’s equal to 1 large cup so it’s the same.
So now you shouldn’t [pour] directly the ahweh in the fenjein. You should take your time for it to rest and then we pour it in the fenjein.
So meet me outside in the garden, I will read you Lebanese Arabic poems.

Let’s make a revision:
Lebanese coffee kettlerakweh
Coffee powderbann
The coffee spewedfarit l ahweh
Coffee cupfenjein

Spread the dialect!

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