My Wintery Milk Recipe

Hello guys!

This time the video doesn’t include a lesson. I’m just showing my recipe for wintery beverage you could drink if you have a cold.


I am here at my friend’s house and it happened that one of my friends is sick. He has the flu and he’s coughing a lot. coughing? coughing a lot
so I am here to make him a special drink, a wintery drink.
I’m sure it will help him a lot to revitalize himself
so the drink is not 100% lebanese, but I thought of sharing it with you.
So I’m sorry about the mess, but it’s ok.
And the drink is composed from milk, honey.
Ok we have here the mint, and in lebanon we have the liquid drink milk but we also have the powdered one and we use it a lot.
and milk means 7aleeb
we put here spoons of milk
I’m not in my home so I’m sorry about the mess
and now what do we do? we go and we boil the liquid.
I need someone to light the stove: ywalle3leh l ghaz
kif bya3mlou?
ok so now we will boil the milk and when it will be boiled, we should not use the plastic one, it’s not good. So when it will be boiling we will add my secret recipe. It’s not secret, everybody uses it.
It’s ginger. And ginger it’s so fresh and it helps with the flu
so the ginger in Arabic is called zanjabeel
we put the ginger in the milk. I will put it now because I don’t have the time to make it boiled.
-or I wait?
-no put it now
and with the ginger, I will put the cinnamon and cinnamon in Arabic means 2erfeh
but cinnamon stick means 3ood 2erfeh
3ood 2erfeh is very very goo for coughing.
I will put it like this
It will be boiled.
He is doing a pasta, and no, you should wait for it to boil.
-It’s enough water?
-eh b zyedeh hal2ad

ok when you have the flu, you boil the milk, you add the ginger, you add the cinnamon stick or cinnamon powder. ye3ne
you boil the milk: bteghleh l 7aleeb
or if you are a group bteghlo l 7aleeb
betzeedo: you add
betzeedo zanjabeel w 3ood l 2erfeh
and finally it is boiling, not 100%, and it has a delicious, delicious taste, and the recipient where I’m putting the milk it’s called rakweh.
we learned this word in the coffee video
it has a very very delicious taste, and in the cold winter you can have it for dinner if you don’t have the flu, with a piece of bread or something
I made a cake, not me-me, me and betty crocker we made a cake, it’s here. and I will offer it for him with the milk
ok it boiled
and now we will use the mug, I think they have no mugs
ok this is a very original mug
we will pour this
ok! the secret delicious very good ingredient is the honey
and honey means 3asal
ok I will use another spoon
I think it’s delicious and I will offer him also a piece of cake
ok this is my recipe for today and it is the 7aleeb, 3ood 2erfeh, zanjabeel w 3asal. mneghliyoun 3al nar, and nar means fire
we boil them on the stove and sa7tein
and when we want to say for someone bonne guerisonn how do we say it in english
ah get well! when we want to say get well, we say salemtak for a man, salemtik for a woman, salemetkoun for a group of people
so salemetkoun, and bye bye!

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