Making a Lebanese Labneh Sandwich

In this lesson I will be showing you how to make a “labneh” sandwich. Labneh is a Lebanese cream cheese.


Hello guys!

So me and my friends are hungry, and we’re thinking about making a snack; a sandwich, and it’s very famous here to make labneh sandwich.
So what is labneh? So labneh is a cream cheese and it’s very delicious.
There are two kinds of labneh, or two shapes:

  • The round shape, and usually it’s made of goat.
  • and the one you spread, it’s made from cow [milk].

So to make the Lebanese labneh sandwich, you should need bread, it’s Arabic bread.

We call it Arabic bread khebez 3arabeh.
Because bread means khebez and Arabic means 3arabeh so khebez 3arabeh.
You might also know it as pita bread. So this is the pita bread, I think you can find it anywhere.
And there’s a second kind of Arabic bread and it’s khebez mar2ou2.
We call it khebez mar2ou2 and it’s very big, as you see, we open it.
Ok so this is the khebez mar2ou2.
I’m going to do the pita bread, and also you open it like this, and you can use the two of them, but I’m going to use this one. And what do you want? The round shape or the spread form?

It’s easy to use the… khalas ok, I’m going to use the round shape.
And of course you can use the knife, but I’m going to make like my grandmother and my mother do it, and everyone, and it is by using a small piece of bread and taking the labneh out and spread it, and spread it.
And it’s really delicious!

We usually put vegetables with the labneh sandwich and it’s made from cucumbers and some tomatoes.
Ok cucumbers means khyar with the kh, and tomatoes means banadoora.
so khyar w banadoora w labneh w khebez.

And some mint leaves.
Ok, some mint from the garden, this is why it’s small.
Mint leaves, and let’s not forget the olives. The olives, ok, you can use of course the black olives and the green one.
I let my friends take out the thing [seed] from the olives.

Ok and finally it’s something really interesting to put with the labneh sandwich, and it’s the thyme.
Thyme: za3tar.
Ah I didn’t tell you: olives means zaytoun.
And a pinch of za3tar, thyme.
and what should we put also, of course you can add the salt with the vegetables, and finally the olive oil: zeit zaytoun.
zaytoun: olives
zeit: oil
zeit l zaytoun.

So you can put olive oil.

Ok and try not to drop the olives.

Now look how we do it.

Ok, like this, then from here. Take it. My friends are going to be very happy. They will eat it.

Ok I’m done!

Ok so the labneh sandwich is made from khebez, labneh, khyar, banadoura, na3na3, ah na3na3 means mint, and za3tar and mele7, salt and what else? olives, zaytoun, zeit zaytoun, oil and sa7tein!
sa7tein means bon appetit!
I don’t know the word in English, it’s bon appetit.

Ok it’s time for homework:
Make your own labneh sandwich, take a picture, and post it on my blog.

Thank you, bye bye!

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