Lesson 12: Family Tree

in this lesson you will learn how to call each member of your family in the Lebanese dialect.


Welcome again to a new lesson to learn Lebanese Arabic. I hope you are having a good summer.
Here it’s too hot, it’s 36 degrees, and in the sun outside it goes up till 40 maybe.
So let’s forget about trips, and learn a serious lesson today, and it’s about families. How do you call each other in the Lebanese dialect?
Family: 3ayleh
My family: 3aylteh
My family is about my father who is bayyeh.
My father: bayyeh.
Father in general means bayy, and when you want to relate yourself by saying my father, you add “eh” at the end so bayy in general my father: bayyeh.
Mother: emm.
My mother: emmeh.
I will continue.
My brother: khayyeh.
My sister: ekhteh.
My grandmother: setteh, like setteh: wa7ad, tnen, tleteh, arb3a, khamseh, setteh. It’s the same.
setteh: my grandmother, and you can also say teta. We say teta also.
My grandfather: jeddeh.
Now, uncle. If by “uncle” I want to say the brother of my father I say 3ammeh
If I want to say uncle as the brother of my mother, I say khaleh.
So it’s different. When it’s from the father’s side we say 3ammeh from my mother’s side we say khaleh.
The same for aunt. It’s 3amteh from my father’s side, and from my mother’s side it’s khalteh. The same:
3ammeh / 3ammteh.
khaleh / khalteh.
My cousin: I tell you good news, you can also say cousin, because it gets tricky.
So listen, if your cousin is the son of your uncle from your father’s side, he is eben 3ammeh, because eben means son, and 3ammeh is the brother of my father. If 3ammeh he has a daughter, you say bent 3ammeh.
From my mother’s side, they are eben khaleh and bent khaleh. Now, you want to talk about your cousins from your aunts, you say eben khalteh bent khalteh (mother’s side), or eben 3amteh bent 3amteh (father’s side).
Or simply guys, say cousin.
About the cousin: I want to say I’m going to my cousin’s, then I would say ana ray7a 3end cousinteh.
We take the French version and we say it in Arabic:
cousinteh if she’s a female, and if he’s a male my cousin.
Cousinteh, Cousineh.
Just to let you know
Now if you want to say husband, you say jawzeh.
Son: ebneh.
Daughter: benteh.
Ebneh, benteh.
My mother-in-law: 7ameteh
My father in law: 3ammeh, like the brother of your father.
For the father-in-law we say 3ammeh.
And also for the mother-in-law, sometimes they say mart 3ammeh,
because she’s the wife of the father-in-law.
I know it’s complicated. You can say 7ameteh and 3ammeh.
Let’s restart:
family: 3ayleh
My family: 3aylteh
Bayyeh, emmeh, khayyeh, ekhteh.
My family.
Now let’s develop it:
My grandmother: setteh.
Jeddeh: My grandfather.
My uncle: 3ammeh or khaleh
My aunt: 3amteh or khalteh
My cousin:
eben 3ammeh
bent 3ammeh
eben 3amteh
bent 3amteh
eben khaleh
bent khalteh
eben khalther
bent khalteh
Even me I’m not sure of it!
Husband: jawzeh
Son: ebneh
Daughter: benteh
mother-in-law: 7ameteh.
father-in-law: 3ammeh.
I hope you understood it, and if you want me to continue with the family names like there are also names for the sister of your husband, but it’s complicated. Do you want that? if you want that, write to me and I’ll be happy to make a video about it.
So bye, for now, I’m going to visit my family: bayyeh w emmeh w ekhteh w khayyeh and all of the people.
Have fun, and cheers guys!

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  1. yumi yummi kebbeh is so delicious! thakns for the idea! i will to check with my mom cause i don't know how to do it haha!

    have a nice day 🙂

  2. You are fantastic!! Thank you so much for posting these videos and teaching others the Lebanese dialect. I live in the United States and all of my mothers grandparents came from Lebanon.

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