Lame Saturday night

well, here i am sitting home on a Saturday night and i don’t know why… join me if you’re doing the same..

my next video will be about families and how do we call each other in the Lebanese dialect… i have nothing to tell you, im just here saying nonsense… im sorry if you think what you’re reading is lame…

before i go i will say ramadan karim to all the friends! the iid is here.. enjoy it guys!
i will continue my night by reading i guess, better then writing, no?

yalla! ciao guys 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Lame Saturday night”

  1. hello there 🙂

    ana kontou: ana kenet

    anta kounta: enta kenet

    antoum kountoum: ento kento

    i will try to make a video about verbs.. good luck in your studies 🙂

  2. Hello! I am a girl studying the lebanese languagage in school, with freinds and from your youtube-channel! I wonder what is I was, you were ( Ana kuntu, anta kunta, antum kuntum) etc. in the lebanese dialect? I only know them in fus'ha.
    Your lessons are wery helpful, thanks alot!!

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