What to do in beyrouth on a Saturday night

kifkoun? (how are you?) need ideas on what to do in beyrouth on a Saturday night? i will give you some!

it’s still cold so you can always enjoy the weather with some cheese and wine soiree at a friend place..it’s a inexpensive way to have fun..

in beyrouth for a short term and don’t want to be stuck in home you say? Ok..
go to Hamra or Gemayze or Monot for some drinks! Hamra, Gemayze and Monot are all names of regions/streets in beyrouth where you find lot of pubs. some of them are less expensive then others of course.
the price of a beer start with 5000ll= 3.5$ around… you’ll have fun for sure, drink laugh dance..

sure i will advice you to go to the theater and watch some Lebanese plays it will be new and you can hear the language too! goo news there are 2 theaters in Hamra and one in Monot so guys go watch a play the you could discuss it while having a drink near by..

if you go to a Lebanese pub like Barometre in hamra or Em nazih in gemayze or any other ask for Hommous, Taboule, and don’t forget the batata harra (chillie potatoes). sure you have to taste the arak (lebanese drink)

tell me what do you think… cheers!

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