Making Lebanese Fattoush salad

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Making Lebanese Fattoush salad and other appetizers

Hi again!
In this video I’ll be showing you how we make the Lebanese Fattoush salad, as well as r’e’eit bi jebneh (cheese rolls), ardeh shawkeh (artichokes) and batata me’liyeh (french fries).

Fattoush ingredients:
-Baadounis: parsley leaves
-Naanaa: mint leaves
-Baaleh: Purslane
-Khyar: Cucumbers
-Banadoura: Tomatoes
-Flayfleh helweh: Bell Pepper
-Basal: Onions
-Toom: Garlic
-Hamoud: Lemon
-Zeit Zaytoun: Olive Oil
-Melehh: Salt
-Semme’: Sumac
-Khebez Mhammas: Toasted Pita Bread

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