Discover Colors in Lebanese Arabic: Lesson 22

Welcome to Lesson 22, where we will be focusing on colors in Lebanese Arabic. This lesson aims to simplify the process and make it less complicated for you.


Hello, everyone! You’ve been asking me about colors, so here’s a lesson where I teach you the names of the colors in Lebanese Arabic.

First, I want to say thanks for all your comments. I’m sorry I’m not replying because I’m in the middle of my exams. I will reply soon.

Colors in Lebanese Arabic

Let’s start with the color red. Red is a7mar for a masculine word and 7amra for a feminine word. It is very simple, I will write it to you to understand. So a7mar, we put aleph and hamza. The aleph in the feminine word will become at the end: 7amra. So Aleph here and at the end. 7amra, a7mar. And it is the same for all the other colors who start with hamza.

  • Green: akhdar (masculine), khadra (feminine)
  • Blue: azra2 (masculine), zar2a (feminine)
  • Yellow: asfar (masculine), safra (feminine)
  • Black: aswad (masculine), sawda (feminine)
  • White: abyad (masculine), bayda (feminine)
  • Gray: rmedeh (masculine), rmediyeh (feminine)

Now I will tell you the colors that in general we use their foreign name, like orange. Orange in Arabic is bortoukaleh, but no one uses bortoukaleh in general, so it is orange, and they say that the origin of the word “orange” is Arabic and bortoukaleh is foreigner but we don’t know, so it is orange.

Mauve, or purple, is used as mauve or banafsajeh, so purple is mauve like the French name or banafsajeh. Now pink, we say rose like the French, or we say zahreh. I think it’s a very lovely word because it reminds us of the flower because we say zahra for the flower and the color is zahreh, like the flower.

I forgot to tell you about the brown because I don’t like brown. Brown means benneh.

I think those are the colors for today: a7mar, akhdar, asfar, azra2, aswad, abyad, banafsajeh, zahreh, rmedeh, benneh.


Now, let’s take a look at the Lebanese flag that Nour and her friends did:

-Yalla farjouna l a3leim. Nour farjineh. Hi, Nour
-Farjineh arbeh, hayda 3alam shou?
-3alam lebnen
-ok, kam lon fi b albo?
-kif deux? trois
-ah ma ba3rif hayda
-ayya lon 3leh l 3alam?
-blanc, rouge, vert
-maya farjina ente l 3alam taba3ik
-kam lon fi?
-hayda shou?
-3alam lebnen
-ok, merci!


-Nour, can you show us the flag? Hi, Nour.
-Show us, closer. What flag is this?
-The Lebanese flag.
-Ok, how many colors are on the flag?
-How is it two? Three.
-Ah, I don’t know this.
-What colors are on the flag?
-White, red, green.
-Maya, show us your flag.
-How many colors are there?
-What is this?
-The Lebanese flag.
Ok, thank you!

Remember, learning the colors in Lebanese Arabic is a fundamental part of understanding and speaking the language. Keep practicing and you’ll master them in no time!


EnglishLebanese Arabic (Masculine)Lebanese Arabic (Feminine)
OrangeOrange / bortoukalehbortoukaliyeh
PurpleMauve / banafsajehbanafsajiyeh
PinkRose / zahrehzahriyeh

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