Summer in Lebanese Arabic: Essential Phrases for the Sunny Season

In this video, I’m thrilled to guide you through a variety of everyday summer sentences in Lebanese Arabic, tailored to help you navigate the sunny season with ease. We’ll explore how to communicate your summer plans, suggest outings to the beach or pool, and express your love for ice cream, all while using authentic Lebanese phrases. I’ll provide you with the necessary vocabulary to interact with both individuals and groups, ensuring you’re well-equipped to engage in summer-related conversations. Additionally, I’ll introduce you to some renowned local ice cream spots and discuss popular beach-related terms, enriching your language skills with cultural nuances. Whether you’re a language enthusiast or planning to soak up the summer vibes in a Lebanese-speaking region, this lesson is designed to enhance your communication skills and immerse you in the seasonal spirit. So, get ready to learn, practice, and dive into the vibrant world of summer in Lebanese Arabic!



Hello, today we’re going to learn a few sentences about summer, focusing on regular everyday phrases. To continue learning, you can watch our previous lesson about everyday sentences; here’s the link. Additionally, check out the beach lesson to see Lebanon’s beaches. So, let’s talk about today’s topic: summer, which is ‘sayf’ or ‘sayfiyeh’ in Arabic.

Asking About Summer Plans

What are you doing this summer?

  • For a man, you would ask, ‘Shou 3amil hal sayfiyeh/sayf?’
  • For a woman, it’s ‘Shou 3amleh hal sayfiyeh/sayf?’
  • And for a group of people, ‘Shou 3amleen hal sayfiyeh/sayf?’.

Going to the Beach

Let’s go to the beach:

  • For a man, it’s ‘ta3a nrou7 3al ba7er’.
  • For a woman, ‘ta3eh nrou7 3al ba7er’.
  • And for a group, ‘ta3o nrou7 3al ba7er’.

Pools in Lebanon

In Lebanon, there are many pools because not every beach is clean, and not all of them are free. Some beaches are free, and in my opinion, they are prettier than pools. But if you prefer pools, you can say:

  • ‘Let’s go to the pool’: ‘ta3a nrou7 3al piscine’.
    We use ‘piscine’ like the French word. In standard Arabic, it’s ‘berikeh’ or ‘masba7’, but ‘piscine’ is more commonly used.

Ice Cream in Lebanon

I love to eat ice cream from Bouza Bashir:
Bouza Bashir is a very famous Lebanese place known for its ‘bouza’ (ice cream), offering unique flavors like ‘ashta’, pistachio, and rose. It’s a must-try when you are in Lebanon, and it’s quite affordable. Don’t forget to ask for cream on top; it’s their specialty. Another place for ice cream is Kozaily. So, to express your love for ice cream from Bouza Bashir, you can say, ‘Ana b7eb ekol bouza men 3end Bouza Bashir’.

Finding Places to Swim

Where can we go to swim?

  • ‘Wen fina nrou7 nesbah?’

Locating the Nearest Beach

Where is the nearest beach?

  • ‘Wen 2a2rab ba7er/shatt?’

Remember, ‘near’ is ‘areeb’, and ‘nearest’ is ‘2a2rab’.

Beaches in Lebanon

Lastly, let’s talk about the beaches in Lebanon. In Beirut, there’s Ramlet el Baida. In the north, you have Jounieh, Kaslik, Jbeil, Batroun, and Chekka, which has one of the cleanest beaches. In the south, there’s Damour, Jiyeh, and Tyre, with Tyre being particularly beautiful.


Enjoy your summer, learn lots, and thank you for watching. Have a nice summer, ‘Tsallo’ (have fun). Ciao.


EnglishLebanese (Latin Letters)Lebanese (Arabic Alphabet)
Summersayf / sayfiyehصيف / صيفية
What are you doing this summer? (male)Shou 3amil hal sayfiyeh/sayf?شو عم تعمل هالصيف؟
What are you doing this summer? (female)Shou 3amleh hal sayfiyeh/sayf?شو عم تعملي هالصيف؟
What are you doing this summer? (group)Shou 3amleen hal sayfiyeh/sayf?شو عم تعملوا هالصيف؟
Let’s go to the beach (male)ta3a nrou7 3al ba7erتعا نروح عالبحر
Let’s go to the beach (female)ta3eh nrou7 3al ba7erتعي نروح عالبحر
Let’s go to the beach (group)ta3o nrou7 3al ba7erتعوا نروح عالبحر
Poolpiscine / masba7 / berkehبركة / مسبح / بيسين
I love to eat ice cream from Bouza BashirAna b7eb ekol bouza men 3end Bouza Bashirأنا بحب آكل بوظة من عند بوظة بشير
Where can we go to swim?Wen fina nrou7 nesbah?وين فينا نروح نسبح؟
Where is the nearest beach?Wen 2a2rab ba7er/shatt?وين أقرب بحر/شاطئ؟
Enjoy your summer, have funTsalloتسلوا

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