Lebanese Lullaby

Hello guys,

Today I will translate a bit of a very popular Lebanese Lullaby “Yalla Tnam Rima”

You could hear Feiruz’s song here:Yalla Tnam Rima
With lyrics: Yalla Tnam Rima with Lyrics
A Cover by Fayha Choir: Yalla Tnam Rima – Fayhaa choir

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  1. Hello. I’m Mexican American. My niece is half Mexican, half Irish. She and her Lebanese husband will be having their first child this month. I’ve spent all of my niece’s pregnancy learning Yalla Tnam Reema. Thanks for the translation. I watched your video to try to get the pronunciation of the words correct. So far I’ve learned the song by ear because when I try to find a written version to read it, there are numbers included and I don’t know how to pronounce numbers. Any other lullabies you may suggest?

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