Lebanese Arabic Kids’ Songs

Hi again,

In this video you will be hearing traditional kids’ songs in Lebanese Arabic. I will translate them soon, and you’ll be able to see the translation when you toggle the annotations.

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2 thoughts on “Lebanese Arabic Kids’ Songs”

  1. Muna Tabbarah Nana

    I came across your video while searching for a song I learned as a child, in the late 60s early 70s, in a summer school up in the mountains of Dhur El Shweir. If my, now old, memory serves me right the words were something like this,
    “Awal Lafzah Habayta, Mama. Awal Kalmi La Festa, Mama. Ya Rabbi Khalil Mama, Noora Ayounil Mama.”
    Does that make sense or sound familiar? I am So Keen to teach that song to my grandchildren. if you can help, my email is below. Please Do let me know.
    Muna Tabbarah Nana

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