Lebanese Arabic Improvised Lesson

Hi guys, this lesson I’ll just be teaching sentences off the top of my head, and I’m announcing something you might be interested in 🙂


Hello guys, it’s been a long time I know, but this is because if I’m preparing something for you which is a new thing and it will be discovered in like two weeks or maybe one month. I will tell you about it later. Today I will do an improvisation lesson because I feel like it. I’m not preparing anything. I will begin and translate sentences from English to Arabic.

Let’s start with ‘I am drinking coffee’. I am drinking coffee ‘Ana 3am beshrab ahweh’. ‘3am beshrab’ because I am drinking now. If I want to say ‘I drink coffee every day’: ‘Ana beshrab ahweh kil yom’. Everyday: kil yom. So when you have to say something you are doing now you say ‘3am’, ex: ‘3am beshrab’. Well in general you say ‘Ana beshrab’. Just ‘beshrab’ without the ‘3am’.

Okay, another sentence ‘today is Thursday and I’m going out later’. ‘Today it is Thursday’: ‘lyom el khamis w ba3den ana dahra’. I’m going out: ‘darah’. Sentence number 3: ‘we are in September and it’s getting sad’: ‘ne7na b ayloul, well eshiya 3am btseer 7azeeneh’. Things are becoming sad. Why it is becoming sad? because we have universities, school, teaching, yeah vacation is off.

Sentence number four: we are waiting for something. We are waiting for something: ‘ne7na natreen shi’. okay. Again another sentence sorry I’m taking too long but it’s an improvisation. Improvisation means ‘ertijeil’ like in theater when you improvise something we say ‘this actress is improvising’: ‘haydeh l mmasleh 3am tertejil’. haydeh: this. mmasleh: actress.

There are kids playing outside. ‘There are kids playing outside’: ‘fi wled 3am tel3ab barra’. Again with the sentences: ‘you should go to the beach before the summer ends’: ‘lezim trou7 3al ba7er abel ma tokhlas l sayfiyeh’. ‘You should go’, if I am talking to a man, ‘lezim trou7’.

It’s a weird lesson just chill with it to stress. okay, Another sentence maybe ‘today I ate Bazella w rizz’:

today: lyom

I ate: akalet

‘lyom akale bazella w rizz’

what does it mean ‘bazella w rizz’? Rizz means rice, Bazella means peas, green peas. there’s a story about the princess and the peas. okay ‘lyom akalet bazella w rizz’. my favorite Lebanese dish is hmm I don’t know but I will say for now ‘Moujaddara’. Ah and if you want to learn about Moujaddara, watch the lesson of “Mdardra”. it’s similar, it’s a lebanese dish made with 3adas: lentils.

Ok so ‘my favorite dish’: ‘akelteh l moufaddaleh’

favorite: moufaddaleh

akelteh: my dish

so akelteh l moufaddaleh hiyeh l Moujaddara. or I can say ‘atyab akleh 3endeh hiyeh l moujaddara’. I will stop for now because it’s hard for you, I know. I will tell you thank you because we’re interested in the Lebanese Arabic, in the Arabic language, and in Lebanon, because there’s a lot of people who are not really sure what Lebanon is. they think it’s a. you know. it’s in Jupiter maybe. No, it’s a country, maybe tell your friends. I met a lot of people, I was on a vacation, and they didn’t even hear about Lebanon. so Google it, not for you, because you’re interested, but for your friends maybe. I willtell you Thank You, shukran. I will see you soon! don’t forget about my surprise! I have a surprise for you. bye bye.

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