Spontaneous Lebanese Arabic: An Improv Language Lesson

In this video, I’ve decided to switch things up a bit and go for an improvisation lesson, translating sentences from English to Arabic on the spot without any prior preparation. I felt like diving straight into it, sharing phrases and sentences that revolve around daily activities and expressions, especially focusing on the current moment and actions happening right now. From talking about drinking coffee, to discussing days of the week, and even sharing my favorite Lebanese dish, this session is all about spontaneous learning and embracing the flow of conversation. So, whether you’re here to pick up some everyday Lebanese Arabic phrases or just curious about the language, this unplanned lesson is sure to add some new words to your vocabulary. And yes, there’s a little surprise I’ve been working on, something new and exciting coming your way in a few weeks, so stay tuned for that!


Improvisation Lesson: Translating English to Arabic

Hello, guys! It’s been a long time, I know. This is because I’m preparing something new for you, which will be revealed in about two weeks or maybe one month. I’ll tell you about it later. Today, I will do an improvisation lesson because I feel like it. I haven’t prepared anything; I will just begin and translate sentences from English to Arabic.

Sentence Translations

Present Continuous Tense

  • English: I am drinking coffee.
  • Arabic: Ana 3am beshrab ahweh.
  • Note: ‘3am beshrab’ is used because I am drinking right now.

Simple Present Tense

  • English: I drink coffee every day.
  • Arabic: Ana beshrab ahweh kil yom.
  • Note: Everyday is ‘kil yom’. When you talk about a habitual action, you just use ‘beshrab’ without ‘3am’.

Talking About Plans

  • English: Today is Thursday, and I’m going out later.
  • Arabic: Lyom el khamis, w ba3den ana dahra.
  • Note: ‘Dahra’ means ‘going out’.

Expressing Feelings About a Month

  • English: We are in September, and it’s getting sad.
  • Arabic: Ne7na b ayloul, w eshiya 3am btseer 7azeeneh.
  • Note: Things are becoming sad because schools and universities are starting, and the vacation is over.

Waiting for Something

  • English: We are waiting for something.
  • Arabic: Ne7na natreen shi.
  • Note: ‘Natreen’ means ‘waiting’.

Improvisation in Acting

  • English: This actress is improvising.
  • Arabic: Haydeh l mmasleh 3am tertejil.
  • Note: ‘Ertijeil’ means ‘improvisation’.

Describing a Scene

  • English: There are kids playing outside.
  • Arabic: Fi wled 3am tel3ab barra.
  • Note: ‘Tel3ab’ means ‘playing’, and ‘barra’ means ‘outside’.

Beach Recommendation

  • English: You should go to the beach before the summer ends.
  • Arabic: Lezim trou7 3al ba7er abel ma tokhlas l sayfiyeh.
  • Note: ‘Lezim trou7’ is used when suggesting or advising someone to do something.

Talking About Food

  • English: Today, I ate Bazella w rizz.
  • Arabic: Lyom akale bazella w rizz.
  • Note: ‘Bazella w rizz’ means ‘peas and rice’.

Favorite Dish

  • English: My favorite Lebanese dish is Moujaddara.
  • Arabic: Akelteh l moufaddaleh hiyeh l Moujaddara.
  • Note: ‘Moufaddaleh’ means ‘favorite’, and ‘akelteh’ means ‘my dish’.


I know this lesson is a bit hard, but I want to thank you for your interest in Lebanese Arabic, the Arabic language, and Lebanon. A lot of people aren’t really sure what Lebanon is; they might think it’s on Jupiter. But no, it’s a country. Maybe tell your friends about it. I met a lot of people on vacation who hadn’t even heard of Lebanon. So, Google it—not for you, since you’re interested, but maybe for your friends.

Thank you, shukran! I will see you soon, and don’t forget about my surprise! I have a surprise for you. Bye bye!


EnglishLebanese (Latin Letters)Lebanese (Arabic Alphabet)
I am drinking coffeeAna 3am beshrab ahwehأنا عم بشرب قهوة
I drink coffee every dayAna beshrab ahweh kil yomأنا بشرب قهوة كل يوم
Today is ThursdayLyom el khamisاليوم الخميس
I’m going out laterAna dahraأنا ظاهرة
We are in SeptemberNe7na b ayloulنحنا بأيلول
It’s getting sadEshiya 3am btseer 7azeenehالشي عم بيصير حزين
We are waiting for somethingNe7na natreen shiنحنا ناطرين شي
This actress is improvisingHaydeh l mmasleh 3am tertejilهيدي الممثلة عم ترتجل
There are kids playing outsideFi wled 3am tel3ab barraفي ولاد عم يلعبوا برا
You should go to the beachLezim trou7 3al ba7erلازم تروح عالبحر
Today I ate Bazella w rizzLyom akale bazella w rizzاليوم أكلت بازيلا ورز
My favorite Lebanese dish is MoujaddaraAkelteh l moufaddaleh hiyeh l Moujaddaraأكلتي المفضلة هي المجدرة
Thank youShukranشكراً
I will see you soonRah shoufkon 2areebرح شوفكن قريب

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