Lebanese Arabic Verb Conjugation: Lesson 16 – “To Eat”

Welcome to our series on Lebanese Arabic verb conjugation. In this lesson, we will be focusing on the verb “To Eat”. This lesson aims to simplify the process and make it less complicated for you.


Hello! Today’s lesson is a practical example of Lebanese Arabic verb conjugation, focusing on the verb to eat. We chose this verb because “I am” and “to be” can be difficult to conjugate in the Lebanese dialect. So, we’re going to learn it step by step with sentences.

Present Tense Conjugation in Lebanese Arabic

  • I eat: ana bekoul
  • You eat (for a man): enta btekoul
  • You eat (for a woman): ente btekleh
  • He eats: howe byekoul
  • She eats: hiyeh btekoul
  • We eat: ne7na mnekoul
  • You eat (group): ento bteklo
  • They eat: henneh byeklo

Present Continuous Tense Conjugation in Lebanese Arabic

The present continuous tense is used for actions happening now. It’s very simple because it’s the same as the present tense but we use the keyword, “3am”.

  • I am eating now: ana 3am bekoul
  • You are eating (for a man): enta 3am tekoul
  • You are eating (for a woman): ente 3am tekleh
  • He is eating: howe 3am yekoul
  • She is eating: hiyeh 3am tekoul
  • We are eating: ne7na 3am nekoul
  • You are eating (group): ento 3am teklo
  • They are eating: henneh 3am yeklo

Past Tense Conjugation in Lebanese Arabic

  • I ate: ana akalet
  • You ate (for a man): enta akalet
  • You ate (for a woman): ente akalteh
  • He ate: howe akal
  • She ate: hiyyeh akalit
  • We ate: ne7na akalna
  • You ate (group): ento akalto
  • They ate: henneh akalo

Future Tense Conjugation in Lebanese Arabic

The future tense also has a keyword, and it’s “ra7”.

  • I will eat: ana ra7 ekoul
  • You will eat (for a man): enta ra7 tekoul
  • You will eat (for a woman): ente ra7 tekleh
  • He will eat: howe ra7 yekoul
  • She will eat: hiyeh ra7 tekoul
  • We will eat: ne7na ra7 nekoul
  • You will eat (group): ento ra7 teklo
  • They will eat: henneh ra7 yeklo


Now you know the present tense, the present continuous, the past, and the future of the verb “to eat”. This is a fundamental part of Lebanese Arabic verb conjugation. Study it and you can use it with a lot of verbs, actually, because the pronouns are the same.

  • I: ana
  • You (m.): enta
  • You (f.): ente
  • He: howe
  • She: hiyeh
  • We: ne7na
  • You (pl.): ento
  • They: henneh

Ok, so let’s now learn a sentence with the verb to eat in the future tense. I will say:

I will eat tomorrow a salad: ana ra7 ekoul bukra salata

Tomorrow means bukra. Salad means salata.

Let’s learn the same with the past:

Yesterday I ate a salad: mberi7 akalet salata

Ok, so sa7tein for everyone who is eating now, it means “bon appétit”. And enjoy the lesson, and thanks a lot for commenting, and… ah! last video, I told you that I am now teaching on Skype, check out our lessons here.


EnglishLebanese Arabic (Latin)Lebanese Arabic (Arabic Script)
Present Tense
I eatana bekoulأنا باكل
You eat (m.)enta btekoulأنت بتاكل
You eat (f.)ente bteklehأنتِ بتاكلي
He eatshowe byekoulهو بياكل
She eatshiyeh btekoulهي بتاكل
We eatne7na mnekoulنحنا مناكل
You eat (group)ento btekloأنتو بتاكلوا
They eathenneh byekloهنّي بياكلوا
Present Continuous
I am eating nowana 3am bekoulأنا عم باكل
You are eating (m.)enta 3am tekoulأنت عم تاكل
You are eating (f.)ente 3am teklehأنتِ عم تاكلي
He is eatinghowe 3am yekoulهو عم ياكل
She is eatinghiyeh 3am tekoulهي عم تاكل
We are eatingne7na 3am nekoulنحنا عم ناكل
You are eating (group)ento 3am tekloأنتو عم تاكلوا
They are eatinghenneh 3am yekloهنّي عم ياكلوا
Past Tense
I ateana akaletأنا أكلت
You ate (m.)enta akaletأنت أكلت
You ate (f.)ente akaltehأنتِ أكلتي
He atehowe akalهو أكل
She atehiyyeh akalitهي أكلت
We atene7na akalnaنحنا أكلنا
You ate (group)ento akaltoأنتو أكلتوا
They atehenneh akaloهنّي أكلوا
Future Tense
I will eatana ra7 ekoulأنا رح اكل
You will eat (m.)enta ra7 tekoulأنت رح تاكل
You will eat (f.)ente ra7 teklehأنتِ رح تاكلي
He will eathowe ra7 yekoulهو رح ياكل
She will eathiyeh ra7 tekoulهي رح تاكل
We will eatne7na ra7 nekoulنحنا رح ناكل
You will eat (group)ento ra7 tekloأنتو رح تاكلوا
They will eathenneh ra7 yekloهنّي رح ياكلوا

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  1. Hai Hiiba, i like lebanese very much, i like with your lessons, and im very enjoy your videos. I visited grup in facebook "عيون بيروت" and find some sentences.
    Can you translate these?
    واحد سئل محشش شو مفرد خوازيق

    ئلو مالها مفرد كلهن بيجو ورا بعض
    ههههههههههههههه­­هههههههههههههه­ه­هههههه حلوه اقرئوها

    مرة واحد "مقمل" راح عند الدكتور سألو
    كيف بدي أخلص من القمل؟ قاله
    الدكتور نام و شغل المروحة .. ! عملها ..
    … صحي تاني يوم سمع قملة بتقول مبارح
    تعرضنا لعاصفة قوية بس ما حدا مات ( ؛

    … راح عند الدكتور قاله الدكتور اركب سيارة
    و طلع راسك من الشباك , عملها لما
    خلص سمع قملة بتقول امبارح تعرضنا
    لعاصفة قوية بس ما حدا مات ؛ راح عند
    الدكتور قاله الدكتور حط راسك جنب
    راس واحد و رح ينتقل كل القمل عنده ..
    عملها تاني يوم سمع قملة بتقول مبارح
    عملنا معركة مع قوم تانيين و انتصرنا
    وأسرنا 500 قملة


    Sorry I think that's too much 😀

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