Halloween / iid el Berbara

hello again and again!

a new lesson will be posted soon, about mingling…

did you change the hour of your watches? now its 9h30 PM in Beirut..

i wish you a good week, full of energy! don’t be depressed cause it’s November, just think that you have much time before the beach, so start getting in shape from now is an idea 😉

i hope you had fun having Halloween! you know in Lebanon we don’t really celebrate this event. but recently some pubs are making Halloween events.   
in Lebanon we celebrate on the 4th of december ST barbre/ st barbara (berbara). so the story is about this saint barbara that were followed by people who wanted to kill her because she was preaching about the Christ; so she went to the wood and covered her face with mud not to be recognized.
so! we celebrate iid el berbara by wearing costumes exactly like Halloween.

if you will be in Lebanon in the 4th of December you will see beautiful kids with costumes everywhere!

happy Halloween everyone 🙂

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