sports in Lebanon (SPRING HILLS)

if you are in Lebanon and you want to practice some sports ill give you a name of a place when you can benefit of many sports activities!

so yesterday i was in SPRING HILLS Ain Saadeh (suburb located in the pine-forested hills, northeast of the capital Beirut in Lebanon. it’a about 10 km away from Beirut at a latitude raging between 200 and 700 meters above see level)

so about SPRING HILLS, it’s a country club where you can swim (summer and winter time), play tennis, ping pong, squash and you can find a well equipped gym!
so there you can spend one good healthy day! the thing is you have to do a membership…
i found squash very amusing and fat burner!

you can also rent an apartment there for 1 month or as you like…

sometimes you find courses like yoga dance karate for kids…

so guys! think positive, think sport! :))

enjoy your week end! 🙂

P.S: don’t forget to Google the place! 

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