what to say in Lebanese if you need help

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You Are Here:what to say in Lebanese if you need help
– can you help me: fik tseedneh (for a man) / fike tseedineh (for a woman)

– please help me: oomol maaroud seedneh (for a man) / eemeleh maarouf seedineh (for a woman)

– where am i: ana wein

– how can i go: kif fineh rouh

– where can i find a cap: wein fineh le’e taxi

– is there a telephone: fi telephonne

– can i use your phone: fineh estaamil telephonak (for a man) / fineh estaamil telephonik (for a woman)

P.S1: check my lesson 5 about directions. it will help you listening to all those sentences and more.

P.S2: don’t worry you will always find someone or something to help you when lost ­čÖé

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