Sunday with Feyrouz

start your Sunday by listening to Feyrouz, even if you don’t know Arabic just listen to her magical voice and the lovely rhythm..
today i chose to translate this song: KIFAK ENTA. it’s in the lebanese dialect written and composed by her genius son Ziad el Rahbani… so perfect for you to learn new words!

btezkour akhir marra cheftak senta?: do you remember the last time i saw you that year?

– btezkour wa’ta akhir kelmi elta: do you remember the last word i said (or you said im not sure)

-w ma eedet cheftak: and i haven’t see you anymore

-w hala’ cheftak: and now i saw you

kifak enta, malla enta: how are you, oh you

please do not forget to listen to this wonderful song, you could find it YouTube, and of course i didn’t translate the whole song just the first part… 

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