back to Feyrouz :) (adaych kan fi nas)

hello there, how are you? for the end of week end, i pick a part Feyrouz’s song to translate to you…
what to choose?… 

ADAYCH KAN FI NAS             أديش كان في ناس

addaych kan fi nas aal mafra’ tontor nas:     how many people at the street were waiting for other people

w tchati el deni:       and it rains

w yehmlou chamsiyi:       and carrying umbrellas 

w ana bi iyam el sahou ma hada natarni :      and me in the clear days, no one waited for me…

do not forget to listen to this sad romantic song… it’s one of the most famous song for Feyouz..

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2 thoughts on “back to Feyrouz :) (adaych kan fi nas)”

  1. hello! and thanks for you idea! i will try to do such videos, i think it's hard for beginners.. but maybe i will do this one day 🙂

  2. hey!!!kfik?! it's me again, Tulio, i'd like to make you a request, could you make some videos about verb conjugation? Like:

    ana ktabt – ana ektob
    enta ktabt – enta tektob

    ana 2areit – ana e2ra

    ana re7t – ana rou7

    and so on

    could you please make some videos like this?

    Merci ktir!!
    Yalla bye!

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