Friday with Feyrouz

today i will choose a song from the famous songs of  Feyrouz and translate a paragraph 🙂
of course I’m not able to translate a poem in its deep thoughts, especially Feyrouz’s poems and songs. i will just translate it objectively with my not so great english.

title: “ZAALI TAWWAL” : it’s been a long time that I’m sad

zaali tawal ana wiyak:   it’s been a long time that we are sad from each other

w snin bi’t jarrib fihoun ana ensak:   for years i tried to forget about you

ma ederet nsit:   but i couldn’t

law jit nhar 3a beyti li’t enak habibi bi ghyabi jit:    if i came home once and saw you there

btchoufoun ma maraou ela idek aala hal beit:    you see that only your hands passed by this door

kaenak habibi enta w iinayk hala2 falayt:    it’s like my dear you and your hands just went away.

search for this song on you tube: “zaali tawwal” and listen to her magical voice in this romantic song.

enjoy your Friday night!


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