Lebanese Beach

Lebanon Beach Tour

In this video I will be showing you around a beach resort in Jiyeh, Lebanon (south of Beirut).
I hope you like it, and visit it if you come to Lebanon!


Oh lovely vacation!
So here I am today guys in one of the loveliest resorts in Lebanon, and it’s called Lazy B.
So I am at Lazy B at Jiyyeh and it’s a place south of Beirut.
You take the airport road: taree2 l matar.
And you need about 30 minutes to come to this lovely place and it’s very big actually.
It has 3 pools. One for the children and two regular pools.
And I’m gonna go and show you around. Really, it’s lovely!
So at Lazy B you can also sleep, you can also…
Don’t think it’s a library, no we are still in Lazy B.
I wanna go and wash my hands, not because I need to, but because I love the bathroom. Come I will show you.
Look at the flowers and the greenness.
Here we have a typical hat.
I don’t know if we can… Oh no we can’t remove it. But it’s a typical Lebanese hat for the ladies, so you know it’s the lady’s room.
I’m gonna show you the beach there, and you can play. You can get your children to play with the sand, and in Arabic we say shatt ramel, when it’s a sandy beach
and when it’s rocky we say shatt bo7ess.
And in the second pool, there are also beds, where you can feel lazier, at Lazy B.
Oh and don’t forget about the delicious drinks and the alcohol or the non-alcoholic drinks, at the bar over there.
And don’t forget to order carrot juice to have a good color [tan] with the sun, because carrots and the sun, are friends.
I think I could live here, with my friends, I’ll take this one, and they will take the other box. you know I can eat, I can shower even, I can swim, and at the night maybe they do parties I don’t know.
I will live here.

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