A Day of Relaxation: Exploring the Best of Lebanese Resorts

In this video, I take you on a delightful journey to Lazy B, one of the most charming resorts in Lebanon, located in the serene area of Jiyyeh, just south of Beirut. I share my personal experience, exploring the vastness of the resort, showcasing its three swimming pools, and highlighting some of its unique features. From the lush greenery and traditional Lebanese elements to the sandy beach and relaxing pool beds, I cover it all. I even share a quirky moment of admiration for the resort’s bathroom, all while maintaining a light-hearted and engaging tone throughout the tour. Join me as I uncover the beauty and leisure that Lazy B has to offer, and maybe, just like me, you’ll find yourself imagining a life within its relaxing embrace.


Oh, lovely vacation! Today, I find myself in one of the most charming resorts in Lebanon, Lazy B, located in Jiyyeh, a place situated to the south of Beirut. To get here, you take the airport road, or “taree2 l matar,” and it’s about a 30-minute journey to this delightful destination. The resort is quite expansive, boasting three swimming pools—one for children and two regular pools.

I’m excited to take you on a tour around Lazy B; it truly is a wonderful place! Here, you have the option to stay overnight, and there’s so much more to explore. And no, it’s not a library, we are indeed still at Lazy B. I’m going to wash my hands—not because I need to, but because I absolutely adore the bathroom here. Come along, I’ll show you.

Take in the sight of the beautiful flowers and lush greenery. Over here, we have a typical hat, a traditional Lebanese hat for ladies, indicating that this is the women’s restroom. Next, I’ll take you to the beach where you can play and let your children enjoy the sandy shore. In Arabic, we refer to a sandy beach as “shatt ramel,” and a rocky beach as “shatt bo7ess.”

Back at the second pool, you’ll find beds for those moments when you want to embrace the laziness at Lazy B. And let’s not forget about the delightful drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, available at the bar over there. Make sure to order some carrot juice to enhance your tan; after all, carrots and the sun are the best of friends.

Honestly, I could see myself living here with my friends. I’d take this spot, and they could have the other. I mean, everything I need is right here—I can eat, shower, swim, and who knows, maybe they even throw parties at night. Yes, I could definitely live here at Lazy B.

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