Lebanese Lesson 2 (Airport)

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Learn Arabic (Lebanese) lesson 2 (airport)


Hi again and welcome to the lesson number 2.
Today we’re going to learn all about the travel.

So you are in the airport of Lebanon:

“Welcome to Lebanon”

ahla w sahla


Welcome to Lebanon
Ahla w sahla b lebnen

Your baggage is late.
“Excuse me, my baggage is late.”

Excuse me

or simply use “sorry” because everyone uses “sorry”.

My baggage
shenateh or ghradeh

shenateh or ghradeh means my baggage

Is late

Excuse me my baggage is late
aafwan, taakharit shenateh
aafwan, shenateh taakharit
aafwan ghradeh taakharit

If you need to do a claim:

“Excuse me I lost my baggage”

Excuse me

I lost

My baggage
ghradeh or shenateh afwan dayyaet ghradeh

Excuse me I lost my baggage
Afwan dayyaet shenateh

Now you need to exchange some money:

“Excuse me, I want to exchange money”

Excuse me

I want

To exchange


Excuse me, I want to exchange money
Aafwan baddeh sarrif masareh

Now I will tell you that the currency in Lebanon is the Lira.
So in the shops everywhere, we use the Lira and the dollars too.
The Euros are not accepted.

Now you need to take a cab to take you to the hotel.
Just step outside the airport and you’ll see a lot of cabs.
There are no buses or metros, because we don’t have metros,
and buses… There are no buses in the airport.

Anyway, you need to take a cab. You say:

“Hello, I want to go to Ashrafieh”

Ashrafieh is a place in Beirut

marhaba (like we learned in the first lesson)

I want

To go

To Ashrafieh
aal Ashrafieh

Marhaba, baddeh rouh aal Ashrafieh

How much do you want

How much

Do you want

Addeh betrid

Now, don’t worry your first cab will cost a lot because it’s from the airport.

Don’t worry the others are not expensive.

About the cabs, I will tell you that in Lebanon there are two types of cabs.
The one you see in the streets and everywhere is called a “service”, and the one you call to reserve from before and it will take you from your home to the spot exactly where you want to go, is called a taxi.

So a service of course is much cheaper than a taxi.

A service will cost you less than one euro and less than one dollar.

Now guys, let’s repeat from the beginning:

Welcome to Lebanon
Ahla w sahla b Lebnen

Excuse me, my baggage is late
aafwan, ghradeh taakharit
afwan shenateh taakharit

Excuse me I lost my baggage
afwan dayyaet ghradeh
afwan dayyaet shenateh

excuse me i wanted to exchange money
aafwan, baddeh sarrif masareh

Hello I want to go to Ashrafieh
marhaba baddeh rouh aal Ashrafieh

How much do you take?

How much?
Addeh betrid?

Ok so, now my “Airport Lebanese lesson” is done.

I hope you enjoyed it

I will meet you again in lesson 3, to talk more about the hotels, and apartments, if you’re going to reserve.

So see you soon

After you learn these sentences, watch them being used in a conversation: Conversation 1 : Airport (from Lesson 2)

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