Lebanese Lesson 3 (Hotels P.1)

Learn Arabic (Lebanese) Lesson 3 (hotels-part1)

Learn practical Lebanese sentences to use in hotels.


Like you see, today we are in a hotel. What to say? What to ask?
Like I promised, we’re going to learn together.
Hello, I want to reserve a room: marhaba badde e7jouz ouda
Hello: marhaba
I want: baddeh
To reserve: e7jouz
A room: 2ooda
Hello, I want to reserve a room:
marhaba badde ehjouz 2ooda.
I know e7jouz is difficult. Just repeat it and practice it and step by step you will learn it.
And till you learn it, and till you get to know how to say it, you could say ehjouz, it’s not great, but it’s ok, we will understand.
So e7jouz is the best word, ehjouz is not great but it’s ok.
Baddeh e7jouz 2ooda.
I want it for one week: baddeh yeha la jem3a
I want: baddeh.
It means yeha.
And yeha because room in Arabic is a feminine word, we say yeha.
If it was a masculine word you would say yeh.
So yeh for a masculine word,
yeha for a feminine word.
baddeh yeha.
For one week: la jem3a.
baddeh yeha la jem3a.
How much should I pay?: addeh lezim edfa3?
How much: addeh.
Should: lezim.
I pay: edfa3.
addeh lezim edfa3?
I want the cheaper room: baddeh arkhas 2ooda
I want: baddeh
The cheaper: arkhas
Room: 2ooda
baddeh arkhas 2ooda.
I hope it’s not very difficult for you.
What time is the breakfast?: ayya se3a l terwee2a?
What time: ayya se3a.
Is the breakfast: l terwee2a
ayya se3a l terwee2a?
And I promise a very good terwee2a.
Does the bus pass by here?
This sentence I couldn’t translate it word by word so I could just tell you that bus means bus also, and by here means mn hon.
But the whole sentence means Does the bus pass by here: byo2ta3 l bus mn hon
Last question, is there a map?: ekhir sou2al, fi khareeta?
Last question: ekhir sou2al.
Because question means sou2al.
Last means ekhir.
So last question means ekhir sou2al.
Is there a map?: fi khareeta?
khareeta means map.
ekhir sou2al fi khareeta?
Of course: akeed.

So let’s repeat all of the sentences:

Now I don’t want to keep you for long, but please please if you have any questions, or any suggestions, write to me.
I will put some Arabic music for you, it’s from a series called Barbar agha.
Oh I’m sorry, because I have no laptop, I thought I had. Next time.
Bye-bye guys!

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