Conversation 1 : Airport (from Lesson 2)


Hello guys, like you asked, we are doing a conversation series. We are starting with the second video, the airport video. Now we are having a conversation video according to the airport. I am having with me my very dear friend Naim, and he is going to help me with the conversation. 

Hiba: Hi.

Naim: Hello. 


Naim: L Hamdella 3al salemeh. Ahla w sahla b Lebnein!
Hiba: shukran shukran.
Naim: leh t2akharteh?
Hiba: la2an dayya3et ghradeh, w da3o shenateh bl matar. Fa t2akharet
Naim: yalla, basita. Wein baddik trou7eh?
Hiba: baddeh o2ta3 3al serraf la2an baddeh sarrif masareh
Naim: w ba3dein?
Hiba: w ba3den ra7 ekhoud taxi w baddeh rou7 3al Ashrafieh
Naim: khalas ana bwaslik
Hiba: khalas?
Naim: eh!
Hiba: mshina?
Naim: mshina
Both: yalla!


Naim: Thank God you’re safe. Welcome to Lebanon. 
Hiba: Thank you, thank you. 
Naim: Why are you late? 
Hiba: Because I lost my stuff, and I lost my luggage at the airport. So I’m late. 
Naim: Ok, it’s fine. Where are you going? 
Hiba: I’m going to the exchange shop because I need to exchange some money.
Naim: And then?
Hiba: Then I’ll take a taxi and I will go to the Ashrafieh
Naim: ok, I will take you there
Hiba: ok? let’s go?
Naim: let’s go 

So guys, if you like this video and would like that I do more of these kind of videos please tell me, I could do a conversation series.

For now, study well and have fun!

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