kids theater in Beirut!

hello hello!
if you live in Beirut and you have kids or interested in kids theater. if you are a comedian or a kids teacher.. i think it will be interesting to come and watch the plays.

4 plays for all ages!

i will post here the links. check them out!

“Le bal de reves” is a French Lebanese creation:

“tetine… bye!” is a play concerning little kids from 1 to 4 years (not a lot of words are speaking so if the kids don’t speak Arabic it’s not a problem)

“who will buy my roses?” starting 6 years old

“an abaya to remember” starting 8 years old

all plays are very interesting, the tickets are not expensive. the festival will continue to the next 2 Saturdays  so hurry up and reserve your place!

they are played in Tournesol theater. here’s the theater’s number: 01/ 381290.

all the plays are far from being commercial. the directors and actors are all theater graduates and they are all parts of the soundouk el ferjeh festival..
check the links for more details!

i hope you will benefit from this short festival! 🙂


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